Barstool Pizza Review – Soho 99 Cents Cheese Pizza powered by Monster Energy


Dave reviews a local 99 cent place.

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  1. Jonathan Price says

    One adderall eveyone knows the rules

  2. Matthew Sharkey says

    Monster makes your shit fall out to fast everybody knows the rules.

  3. John Matlosz Drums says

    How come Pres hasn't done Two Bros? Best dollar slice in the city.

  4. fightsports66 says

    Have any of these dollar pizza places ever scored higher than a 5.4 ?

  5. Issachar says

    You’re built like a melting ice cream cone

  6. pensive69 says

    I'm really not a one slice buyer. Prez looked like he was going to Frisbee that one during the interview with his Monstered up gyrations….From the look of it I might say 6.1…..

  7. David Cook says

    Bills all the way baby🤙

  8. Woke AF says

    2 full points off because this is not in SoHo(SoHo is SOuth of HOuston St, about a mile south of here.)

  9. Wilson Alvarez says

    Way to bring degenerate gambling to Pennsylvania – super proud of you ruining lives and stealing money

  10. Gerard Guilmette says

    A pretty good 5.4 ????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf ?

  11. Joshua Day says

    Love dave huge fan but hes on drugs right??

  12. mensah talk 2 says

    unfair review just cause its a dollar slice, most pies cost between 10-15 $ so there basically all a dollar slice, if its good its good

  13. BassAckwards says

    Football season?

  14. John S says

    You're lucky you didn't get shot.

  15. phattystack says

    football week now a days can eat my pizazz, topping mother of sardines on one knee vacheeses.

  16. R Kelly says

    West Village everybody knows the rules.

  17. Juan Lopes says

    Sounding like George Steinbrenner

  18. yankees6970 says

    Wanna see a guy do a GREAT imitation of Dave's skinny jean walk? 😀 Search "the scariest barstool pizza review ever" in YouTube. lol

  19. Greg Clem says

    Lunch of champs monster and blow, sell out lol

  20. Karl Ferguson says

    One bump everyone knows the rules

  21. Garrett Corbin says

    One bite everyone knows the jeans.

  22. Andrew Phillips says

    I called 5.6 in my head

  23. super slasherZz says

    I watched you for years and I never saw you this jumpy before 😂😂 love you to death but might wanna stay off the cocaine or addies 😂😂😂😂😂 and appreciate people when they talk to you… you make pizza reviews so don’t thing you are GOD cuz you are not 😂😂 anybody can make fucking pizza reviews 😂😂😂

  24. pappa zmurf says

    He buying dollar pizza because he spent all of his money on blow

  25. Vasi27 says

    On the cape, that would have been a 7.8

  26. Matt Keating says

    One Jew seeking out a fair pizza 🍕 deal

  27. G g says

    one monster, everybody knows I bought one at kroger last weekend just because it was on here

  28. Iron City Rob says

    Prez looks like hairdresser these days. Drop the soap, everybody gets a slice.

  29. van wray says

    Everybody knows that unhealthy Monster Energy drinks are similar to battery acid.

  30. JohnstonPettigrew says

    If you elect me…..yer not gonna have 99cent pizza…… 🍕.

  31. Jason S says

    2.50$ maybe a bit high for a 5.4 pizza

  32. jpalapa 26 says

    Come to Luigi’s pizza in South Slope Brooklyn pleaaaseee!!!!

  33. Jimmy Live says

    Powered by coke and monster energy drinks xD

  34. chris kolb says


  35. M K says

    One pair of women's skinny jeans, everyone knows he looks like a sassy ostrich.

  36. Joeys Cleaning Lady says

    this was a 5.8 one scam everyone knows the rules

  37. rcoray says

    Lookin like Mrs Doubtfire

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