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Follow the Chinle High basketball team in Arizona’s Navajo Nation on a quest to win a state championship and bring pride to their isolated community. Stream on Netflix today.

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  1. KLAY the Cartoonist says

    Good show! But shoulda been called Ball or Nothing !

  2. Ghosty says

    Im A Canadian half White Half Native


    Wow! Very inspiring…is it co incidence that our basketball team is also WILDCATS same as this where in we are not as tall as the other teams…


    Who’s ready for season 2?

  5. Andersan Bobo says

    Cooper's back must be sore. Dude carried the team in almost every game. Just… Wow!

  6. Magic Art Princess says

    I got so attached to all the players especially josiah, Im not a sports person but I really enjoyed it

  7. Fatnavajo05 Gaming says

    hell ya navajo people

  8. Lavwren Beeh says

    This was awesome. I cried a lot. Hope the boys do good in College and in life. My heart goes out to them. They are definitely blessed. 🙂

  9. Mitch Belles says

    I'm from Phoenix Rez ball is today's version of Hoosiers. A small team can win on any given night. I will take a well oiled team over 2 standout ballhogs anyday.

  10. Rai Rai says

    I would like to thank Coach Mendoza he has been an influential coach too many players. I for one played for Winslow Lady Bulldogs coached by PETRO seen and would like to have gladly take him for my coach any day, but you young men have too be glad to be coached by a "LEGEND" who is so humble has alot of knowledge and is wanting you too go to the next level or even higher. Coaches like him have families but at the same time your his kids under his wings…just take that into consideration that time spent with you all can go to his his family time. Its not about the younger the coach…Its about the knowledge they have and know from there experiences coaching.
    I'm was a basketball player who still loves the game, but has a family of there own. As you become older you become wiser, and wish you have have did things differently with the GAME Of BASKETBALL.

  11. catlinbn says

    Loved this show. Made me cry, it was heart felt. Honestly a good show

  12. thewatcher says

    These guys look like Filipinos and play like Filipinos, all heart, hustle despite their lack of height.

  13. Eggsy says

    I cried my eyes out. I’m so proud of these boys !! I’m a nehiyaw iskwew (Cree woman) from sweetgrass First Nation. I just finished volunteering at the Alberta Indigenous games this week and the amount of talented athletes that came out continued to amaze me. Sport is the perfect tool to keep us resilient through hardships of being Native American. #BallisLife 🏀🏀🏀

  14. Miguel Leon says

    I’m Mexican America is it’s cool seeing my Native Primo’s play some ball 🏀 that’s what’s up much props

  15. Jimmie Webb says

    I’m a African American but love to play for that school I’m 6’3

  16. Squintso 89 says

    That kid Josiah is a scrub lol

  17. andrew says

    Not a huge basketball fan , but just finished watching the series and totally loved it . What an amazing story and all of a sudden I find myself being a huge wildcats fan 👏👏👏. Wishing all those young men all the success in the world ✌️

  18. Paige Curley says

    I've already seen it, and I honestly loved it! 🥰 also all of them, I call them my brothers. 💘

  19. PS Onodera says

    Former Wildcat, here. I better check if I can watch this here in Japan.

  20. Charise Sabordo says

    Ayyyyy Chinleeee THE REZZZ

  21. GOV-DID19 /5g says

    Watching right now,have to share! Good job! Stay up! ❤️ From El Paso,Tx.

  22. Keith Tagore says

    Just finished this and I loved every minute. What a journey, I hope those kids and that community is proud for what they have accomplished. Wishing all of them the best

  23. Big Footballer says


  24. Elsa Peña says

    This reminds me of my home town called Immoklaee, Florida it’s a really small town where everyone is trying to make it.🥺

  25. Beady B says

    Such a good show

  26. shig Shag says

    60 crips from south central Los Angeles support these Indian warriors! Y’all niggaz got home if you ever come thru slauson!

  27. wontunow says


  28. dru's take says

    Just finished it. Kudos to netflix for doing this. There are a lot of talented native americans that are playing on reservations all over the country. So grateful they shed some light on us, so hopefully more schools and coaches will take a chance on our children. Great show. Loved every minute of it. One of the only shoes u do not wanna hit the skip intro button, it's so soothing and beautiful.

  29. sundance kidd says

    josia always forcin up wild shots

  30. sundance kidd says

    1st 15 min made me cry already

  31. sundance kidd says

    another season w a different team

  32. Chris Corbett says

    Stolen from New Mexico Shiprock's "Rocks With Wings" about girls basketball champions in 1980's by filmmaker Derby.

  33. Noah BRVD! says

    I'm so happy for Josiah♥️

  34. Gianluca Komin says

    Bella l'ho vista oggi,

  35. Jasmin Thomas says

    Juss watched the first season. .I was rooting for you guys the whole time..Such an awesome story of determination and perseverance

  36. Wulfblut Mitchelson says

    Hell yeah!!! Born and raised in Chinle.Proud of my hometown and how determined these athletes are.Tlaaschii proud!!!!

  37. asa-ryan begaye says

    Please make season 2 on this upcoming Window Rock Scouts

  38. Mark&Shawna Chee says

    Proud of all my Poeple doesnt matter who you are or what you doing . we will one day rise over all . keep being yourselves shi dine ✌

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