Basketball Shooting – How to Shoot a Basketball – Release and Follow Thru – Video 3


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3rd video in the Basketball Shooting Series. This video covers actual shot, release, and follow-thru.

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  1. Xboxlove1 says

    but the optimal release is 50 degrees? not straight up? Im trying to get perfect form, but i shoot exactly like this… i have a 6'8 wingspan so it feels more natural to point and hold my release up but for eg. klay thompson, the ideal release is supposed to be 50 degrees

  2. MR M says

    So you hold the form for a second, and release?

    okay, I have a question, can you please answer? Everytime I release my off hand is very short and my feet are still in the ground by the way, change my release, right?

  3. Vasilis Tsilis says

    I need some help..I'm 14 years old and I'm shooting with two moves and I have a difficulty with follow through..Can u Help?

  4. Cp3Minecraft says

    Thx dude I have to do a science project on this

  5. Dat Dang says

    please explain how to combine the ball release and the jump, how do we do them together in a shot?

  6. Dat Dang says

    I notice when NBA players shoot, they all jump before raising the ball up for the shot, which means they start jumping when the ball is still in the shot pocket then they raise the ball on their head (set position) and release while they're in the air. I know shooting like this helps them not get blocked but when I try this I just have no power at all. When shooting, I normally raise the ball up before jumping, this way gives me more power but then I can't shoot fast and easily get blocked by defenders. So I really want to do a revolution on my shots to shoot like NBA players but I feel it's too difficult to do
    Please Help Me!

  7. Jake Truth says

    Hello coach! I have a question about my shot. I have a good shot in my opinion but my shot
    stands out from all the shots in these videos. When i shoot and i hold my release my shot isn't straight
    and aligned to my hips shoulders , etc. My hand is right in front of my forehead when i release (not
    right in front of my forehead there is obviously space on my shot. Its like all these shots but curved to
    the left . Im confused. I don't shoot in a straight like to my feet, knees, shoulder, is this acceptable
    in my shot or must i shoot straight. Whenever i shoot straight i just cant shoot the same. I used my eyes
    and follow my hands to the basket and i always put my release maybe a couple spaces right above the
    rim . but whenever i make the shot straight its like how will i aim at the basket? I'm very confused so please help . My shot release point is curved , not straight.
     🙂 thank you!

  8. orelzor150150 says

    what you think about the finger technique? where you snap the wrist and make the index finger touch the thumb? u know any good shooters use this technique? u think its effective?

  9. Charlie Andersson says

    This is crazy good work man!

  10. Cgazz Gerald says

    Good video

  11. timothy1949 says

    I want to ask why I always have the problem of the ball not rolling off my index fingers?? when that happens it usually results in an air ball and it feels like I have no control at the ball at all
    but when the ball does roll off my index finger it feels great and I knew the ball will go into the basket

  12. Jeffrey Lochner says

    Definitely subscribed. Yesterday, I watched the first two videos, and I'm draining every basket! Thanks again!!!!!!!

  13. TheWorldofHoops says

    David – yes. Many coaches teach it when a player doesn't develop it naturally! Sounds like you have been doing your homework!

  14. david estrada says

    hes using the sweep and sway watch his feet how they go foward and his shouldars sway back thats how every nba player shoots thats a good shooter

  15. Nathan Wylie says

    Thanks for the great videos.
    My shot has improved a lot.

    When will the fourth video in this miniseries be released?

  16. Dara Ung says

    Helped out alot, thnx!! Subscribed 😉

  17. TheWorldofHoops says

    Work through the shooting series videos on here, then start replicating the form. Don't shoot your old form at all. Once you get the form in your head, start out without a ball doing the motions…a few hundred reps a day. Then add the ball and do a few hundred shots per day against a wall (still no hoop)…Next do a few days of form shooting against the side of the backboard, then add in 1-hand form shooting into the hoop from just about 4 feet way….start small, move slow, tons of reps

  18. Travis Lam says

    I don't know what to do about the hitch in my shot. Any tips on that?

  19. Travis Lam says


  20. Travis Lam says

    where can I inbox you?

  21. Travis Lam says

    alright i posted a video response

  22. Travis Lam says

    Can i send a video to you guys of me shooting because I've been trying to correct my shot to get a quick release. However I just can't get no matter what I try to do.

  23. Kifa Vladovic says

    When i release the ball it goes right why ?

  24. DMG says

    how do you quickly release the ball, so the defender doesn't block it? I just dash it when the defender comes at me but i'm sure thats not how its done

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