Basmati Rice farmers get better price for basmati ¦ Chief Agriculture Office, Bathinda


Sukh Studios
We are team of enthusiastic people with expertise mix in specialized services of Animation, Multimedia presentations ,Photography, Videography, Promo Productions, Radio ads, Interview & Live Web coverage.
Sukh Studios:
Ideation. Execution. Promotion.

These three are the pillars on which a product/service evolves into a brand. We are an Production agency excelling in providing you all these services, thereby, ensuring your transformation – from an idea to a brand.
It is a challenge to convey the value addition a product has on offer in less than a minute. Even more challenging is our will to excel in the same.

Right from planning on a theme to providing a copy, shooting the creative and producing it, Sukh studios is a one-stop solution for all your advertising and video needs needs.
Mr. Sukhjit Singh
CALL US: 9056177177

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