Batman Death In The Family Movie Trailer 2020 – Red Hood Easter Eggs Breakdown


Batman Death In The Family Movie Trailer 2020. Batman Red Hood Easter Eggs, The Batman Trailer 2021, Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer and Comic Con ►
Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer 2021 ►
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Covering new Batman Death in the Family Movie Trailer 2020. Batman Under The Red Hood Jason Todd Trailer Footage Easter Eggs. Comic Con 2020 Trailer videos, The Batman 2021 Trailer, Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer. Superman Black Suit Video Clip. Zack Snyder Video Clip. Comic Con 2020 Trailer videos. Green Lantern Scenes, Deleted Scenes, Martian Manhunter, Justice League Snyder Cut Alternate Post Credit Scene. Hal Jordan Green Lantern Explained.

Henry Cavill Snyder Superman Black Suit Deleted Scenes and changes, Ben Affleck Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Zack Snyder Unite The Seven Snyder Cut Teaser explained.

I’ll do more Batman Movie and Superman videos for all the new stuff based on what DC Movies Announce in the future. We will probably learn more about it at the DC Fandome 2020 Comic Con Panel for The Flash later this summer. And this is not related to the new Batman Scenes coming to the Justice League Snyder Cut Movie next year.

That will still be all Ben Affleck Batman. Michael Keaton Batman will be for Batman Beyond, The Flash Movie and future DC Movies. Also separate from The Batman 2021 with Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves.

Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer via Warner Bros
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  1. Emergency Awesome says

    Here's my new Batman Movie Trailer video and Easter Eggs. Let me know where you want Red Hood to show up in the movies next! More Trailer videos coming soon! Here's my Comic Con Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer video too!

  2. braingasim says

    I didnt know that Dean from Supernatural did that voice!

  3. ladawn Alston says


  4. Rebecca sipes says

    I no longer need my job because of, f u n d a i l y p a y .c o m

  5. the boss says

    I love red hood he is the best character jason origin is so good

  6. Helder Almeida says

    I'm tired of batman and joker movies cartoon's there are so many DC heroes and DC only shows batman

  7. Robert McMath says

    I was old enough (I'm 52 now) when working in a comic book shop when all the titles came in and write-in for killing off Jason Todd and how to do it as well.

  8. Russ The Ruler says

    Can’t wait, definitely love the part where the red hood stops the grappling hook

  9. KC Nwaneri says

    Charlie over here calling people out on their ages. ?

  10. Minho Cho says

    You get a Batman! You get a Batman! Everybody gets a Batman!!! XDD

  11. santiago tenorio says

    My favorite red hood moment is when red hood took the heads of the drug lords

  12. Curtis Whitehead says


  13. Mac Anthony says

    why cant Batman phase into a full body suit armor, needs to do away with the "underwear look"

  14. Mr TWANI says


  15. D King says

    I loved Under the Red Hood. I'm excited to see this.

  16. Amit Gandhi says


  17. E C Holm says

    F for Jason.

  18. thanasi Maragoudakis says

    Rick and morty vs genocider!!!!! Explain the ending for us bc it didn’t mention dan or Justin in the credits and I’m curious if it’s canon or not that rick IS morty and morty IS rick

  19. Комрад Zoom says

    I’ve been watching all the Batman animated movies lately.

  20. Комрад Zoom says

    Batman is probably DC’s most popular character.

  21. Dom Corleone says

    Batman dodging that billet and throwing that Bata rang stoping Jason Todd’s second shot.. joker yelling “you got him it you expert, rootin tootin eagle-eye goth loving marksman” still hands down the best scene

  22. armaan bilung says


  23. Marx Romero says


  24. Daniel Bondu says

    Is Mark Hamil back as The Joker?

  25. Dao Tran says

    But most of this trailer was scenes from the red hood

  26. LyricalOutlaw says

    I hope it’s a prequel, if half of it is the same movie I’ll be upset

  27. Andrew Martin says

    Ah, Under the Red Hood. Such a good movie and am very happy they have this movie coming soon. Definitely going to be interesting with how interactive it is!

  28. Destined For Greatness says

    This is my fav Batman story I’m glad it’s going to be a movie

  29. BRAINWORMS says

    I am old enough to remember that horrible choice, I never made one but was shocked and sickened by the vote. I am a Red Hood fan. This led me to become a midnighter fan, We need an Animated R Midnighter and Apollo movie. No, I am not an SJW just a genuine fan of the characters, and yes I know they get the piss took out of them because of their similarities to Superman and Batman, Give them a chance.

  30. Gareth Andrew says

    D.C. Needs someone like Kevin Fiege to come in and sort everything thing out, there DCEU was rushed trying to get a piece of the MCU pie, it could of been so much better, imagine if Marvel made the Avengers after 2 movies it just wouldn't work. Fingers crossed D.C sorts it out.

  31. Ohi Akharume says

    What about val killer or George Clooney in the Batman universe

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