Battlefield 3 kicked by PunkBuster Game disconnected [SOLVED]


Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player ‘STEEiL’ (for 0 minutes) … RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrB.exe driver failure (PnkBstrK.sys) ffab

First try the steps I did in my video and then follow below instructions.

1. Check PB services, do the TEST.
2. You also MANUALLY Update your PB Client :

3. Dont forget to RUN your GAME bf3.exe or bf4.exe RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR from properties. SHOWN HERE

If nothing helps, then Install a Windows 7 or Win8.1 64bit operating system.
It solved the problem, as well game performance increased by 40%.

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  1. Luan de Wit says

    run game as administrator, who could've known lol

  2. Paulo S B Ramos says

    funciona, grato!

  3. Soham Kulkarni says

    ek no. bhai thanks mate

  4. Moataz Elessawy says

    no packed flow and i tried evey thing ive found on the internet plz help!

  5. OneMassiveNut says

    Could tell it worked for you

  6. joel abril says


  7. Dim-Dimon says

    запуск от имени администратора и ошибки прошли

  8. Mert Yildirim says

    Checking user is Administrator     OKChecking Administrator privileges  OKOpening Service Control Manager    OKSearching for PnkBstrA             Found – OKExtracting PnkBstrA service        OKVerifying service authenticity     OKInstalling PunkBuster service      OK Installed at "C:windowssystem32PnkBstrA.exe"serviceInstallFile does existChecking PunkBuster service status STOPPEDStarting PunkBuster service        ERROR İt Didnt  plz helllp me

  9. DOOMR.A.T. says

    1:19 What did you click on? The screen's too small.

  10. aemn aboshareb says

    thank you man

  11. Abdul Rahman says

    ؟؟ whit it is?????

  12. Lloyd SMYC says

    Is PnkBstrA explicitly allowed?C:Windowssystem32PnkBstrA.exe   NOIs PnkBstrB explicitly allowed?C:Windowssystem32PnkBstrB.exe   NO:((((

  13. Yılan Cemal says

    punkbuster kick me no packet flow i do everything update or uninstaling dn install but doesnt work please help !!!!!!!!!!

  14. славик арутюнов says

    что за хрень?

  15. judaleba says

    thank man. you save mi game xDGracias amigo. salvaste mi juego xD

  16. judaleba says

    ufff que salvada gracias amigo esto me ayudo con mi battlefield 3yeahhhhh thanks man because you help me with my game battlefield 3:DDDDDDD

  17. Danwal says

    can u help me? when the installer try to stop PnkbstrkK it's error than manually stopping punkbstrkB failed too, can u give me the reason why?

  18. aksuhunter says

    thank you so much i love you bro!! <3

  19. adin sijamija says

    Help me I am getting kicked cause of missing ping

  20. kyle rick says

    thank you so much

  21. Noobi boys says

    danke du hast mir sehr geholfen

  22. Unknown says

    does it work for bf4 ?

  23. kekse99999 says

    i don't  have this folder .. what can i do??

  24. B3astman says

    Thats why i hate playing on fucking PC punkbuster all this bullshit havent played BF4 since yesterday because of this motherfucking error i hope some terrorist blows EA headquarters into pile of shit!

  25. Danny says

    It always stops when its sent the PnkBstr or timeout! Help please? D;

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