Bayer Leverkusen – Episode 1 | Football Manager 2019 Let's Play


It’s time for Football Manager 2019 and my first FM19 lets play!

Today we start our playthrough at Bayer 04 Leverkusen football club. This is our starter save for the FM19 Beta that should help us get to grips with the new game and its new gameplay additions like the tactical styles, new training system and other changes. Hopefully you enjoy as we attempt to guide Bayer to Bundesliga and champions league success!

Who are you managing in Football Manager 2019 (FM19)? Let me know in the comments!

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Bayer Leverkusen – Episode 1 | Football Manager 2019 Let’s Play
Bayer Leverkusen – Episode 1 | Football Manager 2019 Let’s Play
Bayer Leverkusen – Episode 1 | Football Manager 2019 Let’s Play

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  1. Stevie Carnegie says

    Love the video, How do i get a U-23 for Leverkusen though???

  2. Techmania marko stojanovic says

    can .they make so i can choose what era i want to play. for example, i want to play 2003 2004,,game stay the same just game load older players..

  3. Jakub Hrobek says

    You are mastermind. Bought Souček before he got big. And now he is player for West Ham.

  4. buldoca22 Buldcat says

    fifa 19 and pes 19 cost less than 100 $ dumb trash manager game 😀 where u only watch photos all lets like if u agree with thatlol

  5. Theo Isaac says

    Look like a lot of fun to control your whole team nice! The gameplay is decent!

  6. TheSpeedking79 says

    i turned it off after you sold BOTH!!! Austrian in the team… 🙂

  7. Conor Cotton says

    I'm doing an Arsenal save on FM19

  8. JiHoon Park says

    Dejan is good. i got a margin of about 45m from selling that player hahaha. holand(?) is also amazing as pressing forwarder. i recommed it

  9. szamito gep says

    look s like fifa manager 08 :))

  10. Beşir says

    FM discord channel:

  11. Effen Scheisse says

    Just started watching this series, pretty good

  12. Nikola Djordjevic says

    The way you pronounced Dejan Joveljić caused me physical pain

  13. Stephen Mason says

    First game of the season and a player gets injured…never change, Football Manager, never change.

  14. Limbek Katan says

    i'm still confusing about how tactic works, and why the opponents didn't reacted well about your tactics, elsewhere u were dominating the game at bayern's home?

  15. Огњен Кнежевић says

    Red Star next?

  16. Lamario show Francis says

    Can u make a video showing how to get the logos and faces

  17. Lam Jianhua says

    The team looks weak at full back esp left back

  18. Unusedmaterial says

    Neverkusen no more???

  19. TheMrWoody says

    Almiron to Leverkusen in real life would be a brilliant move.

  20. Cristi si Danii says

    I don't understand this game , why everyone loves it?

  21. Nicolas Urquhart says

    Lucas Romero give him some minutes!

  22. Mark Matthews says

    This series is brilliant and the Skin on this game really helps to watch as it is much more aesthetically pleasing.

  23. lighting1443 says

    is this not soccer not football?

  24. Aaron Gorton says

    try signing pavon hes amazinf

  25. Aaron Gorton says

    fm 19 is better than all fms

  26. Aaron Gorton says

    why I sdhis line white mines yellow on partnerships

  27. Aaron Gorton says

    I don't like poremier league no more they leave eu as well I ngame 2019

  28. Aaron Gorton says

    how you get players so cheap ill never know

  29. Aaron Gorton says

    lol isigned lucas romero for man united was ok

  30. Aaron Gorton says

    ye lucas puaquetta good but ull pay at least 60 mil for him he doesent have 60 mil

  31. Aaron Gorton says

    im gunno manage them to

  32. TehArcTiCz says

    how come i cant buy the game in steam? no buy option.

  33. Alexis Auld says

    Joveljic= Yo-vehl-yi-ch, maybe? I'll probably never stop ribbing at your pronunciations, hehehehe. (I'm not good with Serbian, etc, pronunciations, so if someone knows how to actually pronounce it, please correct me!!)

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