Bayern Munich vs Chelsea (1-1 aet) (3-4 Penalties) | UCL Final 2011/12 | Best of Chelsea


Chelsea stunned Bayern Munich in a dramatic penalty shoot-out at the Allianz Arena to win the Champions League for the first time.
Thomas Mueller’s late header had put Bayern on the brink of victory on home territory but Didier Drogba levelled things up with a bullet header at the death before coolly converting the decisive spot-kick.

Enjoy the Highlights!

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Click here to watch the Dramatic Second Leg Semi-Final against Barcelona:
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  1. Football TV Network says

    Don't Forget to Subscribe! Click here & Hit the Subscribe Button: Chelsea vs Barcelona Semi-Final 1st Leg: Barcelona vs Chelsea Dramatic Semi-Final 2nd Leg: you & Cheers! :)#FootballTVNetwork

  2. イーサンハント says


  3. Zombify says

    David Luiz was a beast back then.

  4. morgan trunt says

    Chealse defense by then was good?

  5. quinto vicky says

    Chelsea fans celebrating the 1/2 time whistle ??

  6. Real OG says

    I still think Bayern was just way too u unlucky that time . Look at the while game , they played incredibly good but just couldn't find the net . Peter Cech made them champions and eventually he was the best player considering the amount of saves he made .

  7. Serigne Mansour TOURE says

    Cech legend???

  8. bkjohnny1 says

    Veni Vidi Vici

  9. Edi Adnan says

    Final paling penasaran soal nya waktu itu skor 1 sma dan kemudian mati lampu. Dan youtube belum setenar sekranq ??

  10. Alloysis Tufani says

    It gives me goosebumps and tears come out every time I see this. I really miss those legends and moments.

  11. Dimas Septian says

    This match always make me cry.. miss them gais, hope Chelsea become like this again

  12. Damilola Goye says

    ?How happy I am.

  13. Anime N Footbal says

    5x Peter cech selalu tepat saat mau menangkap bola

  14. Brian says

    El partido fue como para un 5-0 a favor del bayern

  15. Edwyn gotta Amador says

    Everybody pray for chelsie in the second leg at Munich let the the miracle of Munich part 2 come true for all chelsie fans were calling you

  16. Johnny Dig says

    Fooking trash ribery try to dive just look at Torres dumb old azz

  17. Andrea Walker says

    epic moment

  18. Bima X Elind 1 says

    8:56 some one give a ball in left before penalties haha,

  19. Tombose Channel says

    I Love Lampard

  20. topa topo says


  21. Xenomorpheus The1 says

    Its not over till its over. I remember running and sliding across my kitchen and yelling we are champions! My mom thought I was going crazy hahaha. Chelsea deserved this win. Great day to be alive that was.

  22. matthe. says


  23. Jo Monfo says

    Chelsea have stole this champions league

  24. Ctrl alt De Ligt says

    Hope we get a solid defence/keeper that took in this much and defended set pieces etc so well, then a clinical attack for big moments and attacking corners well ?

  25. Long272vuong Huy says


  26. 1974wds says

    Unbelievable, still brings tears to my eyes every single time I watch the highlight of the final, goosebumps all over ????

  27. Smokey 101 says

    Someone tried to throw a ball on the field ??? 9:07

  28. Ridwan Suryatna says

    10:15 omg that save from cahill

  29. J'Kids says

    Di Matteo magical touch

  30. JuanCO Tena says

    Esos jugadores son parte de la gran historia de este equipo, lo dieron todo a pesar de no ser los favoritos, les callaron la boca al mundo ?

  31. frank ben says

    DIDIER Drogba Africa power

  32. BLACKROCK Fabian says

    i swear they use that guy at 7:29 in fifa 20 as part of the fans at the stadium

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