1. Kiet Tuan says


  2. weeg91 says

    fav bird on bbc

  3. LTTG says

    100% I can easily make this with After Effects
    Plus, there's a masking fail at "your" you can still see the last part of the "h"

  4. Old Account says

    oh don't be so obnoxious that's sick.

  5. Texas Roast says

    well, my weather fail for today came from the weather channel, and that was with the last day of my 10 say forecast, forecast not being available (by the way I live in Charlotte, NC which is somewhere between number two and number twenty on the Russians list of where to toss a nuke at), so I was left wondering whether that was out of simple laziness, or them just being unable to tell whether it shall be the end of the world, or a nice sun shiny day!

  6. A C says

    who cares if it's fake, it's still funny

  7. CapitaineGMC says

    @ant697 Thank you! At last someone who gets it.

  8. Julian says

    @dannysmith15 It is a fake. The editor forgot to remove part of the 'h' in 'Edinburgh' at 00:10. In all the images I've seen, there's always been a screen on the camera to encourage them to look at the camera whilst presenting, otherwise they'd have to be constantly looking off-screen to see what's going on. Look up video yqMVorzhcWY

  9. dan Last says

    @larenegUK So what are you saying? That it's fake? Because you really can't argue that its fake. Also the there is a tv to her left not on the camera.

  10. Griffin Nest says

    lol i need glasses. i had to watch it 3 times to see what happened XD

  11. evyse says

    She saw it on the monitor AND then looked to the screen

  12. CzHammerz says

    fake cause there some black lines on yours

  13. ant697 says

    Maybe she was recording something to go out later and they decided to play a joke.

  14. Luis Estrada says


  15. Sarah Rachm says

    @larenegUK you just ruined all the fun of watching this vid : <

  16. chlillis says

    didnt know andy gray worked for bbc

  17. krazykizza says


  18. Tesco Asda says

    This must be fake because it can't snow at 6degC.

  19. Tom says

    also,theres no freaking way she could have read this so fast

  20. Julian says

    @joeypesci Or perhaps it's a fake. Anyway, I'm pretty sure they prepare and upload their own sequences. They don't need to 'react' to the screen changing, as they control when it will. They have a little remote control.

  21. RJREID1992 says

    Hahaha rofl!! Love it 😀

  22. GlennMagusHarvey says

    Those are some nice isobars.

  23. Glen Haig says

    @Winonasalibi Her name is Laura Tobin. She has VERY nice isobars!

  24. Julian says

    @alihammadshah They have monitors (tv screens) in the studio.

  25. Ali Hammad Shah says

    @larenegUK so how do they point to the right thing when there is nothing there but all green?

  26. Miles's Bases Project says

    @DVDfeverGames No they back project the actual graphic onto the green screen, so she can point to it accurately, The back projection is be,low the threshold of the keyer used to do the Chroma Key. Sjhe also has a monitor on the camera right, where she is looking.

  27. Neon Anderson says

    lol, her face, she handled it well 😛

  28. Winonasalibi says

    What's her name?

  29. JSJ23 says

    @par0l how does her face prove its real? she's just waiting for the show to cut to the next segment

  30. Taylor Bond says

    @cowplod Probably have a screen behind teh camera showing what it looks like

  31. supermorshu says

    its not fake? stop saying it is they put it on live TV so how is it

  32. airgal18 says

    @LilaAndDanny trust me england is nt the mst intrestin place i wnna cme america lool

  33. master P says

    lmao had to watch this 5 tyms before noticing

  34. Coruscant98 says

    @datingtips4guys Oh god i loled!

  35. Love N Peace says

    @GingerBoy9 You were born and then you went on youtube. The end.

  36. furrykindred says

    Also, schlebb1… please stop talking, you're giving the rest of us in blighty a bad name.

  37. furrykindred says

    Yes, you can still see a bit of the 'h' from 'Edinburgh' which COULD have been left there by a faker… but there's the posibility that the BBC grapics guy left it there when THEY superimposed the 'new words' over the old (would be the easiest way to do it).
    Her reaction at the time could be something a faker used to make it look more real… but it's at least as likely to be at seeing what the graphics dept. had done.
    Just 'cuz it's on the net doesn't ALWAYS make stuff fake.

  38. whersWaldo says

    she was really sexy 😉

  39. hoplite46 says

    they cut that quick!!!!!

  40. Shadoe Crossland says

    I'd probably do the same thing. Bitch was bangin'.

  41. tom888uk says

    Didn't cut enough of the 'Edinburgh' out. Can still see a little bit of the 'h' next to 'Your'. Schoolboy error

  42. Dolores Valentino-Smith says

    It keep jittering on me so I didn't see her face

  43. jake thagreat says

    @DVDfeverGames i doubt that was fake, when she realised what it said she stopped mid sentence

  44. ln Game says

    its not fake cause her face when she sees it.

  45. colonel081 says

    thats a win if it was real!

  46. MWRiff says


    No she cant she cant see whats bejind her its just a green screen.

  47. Joe Wright says

    fake but good idea

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