BBC Travel Show – Sweden (Week 37 – 2017)


Ade Adepitan’s in Sweden, where its capital city Stockholm has plans to become the most futuristic and high-tech city in the world. Ade will meet the world’s first people using microchips under the skin as train tickets. And he’ll travel over 100 miles above the Arctic Circle to overnight in freezing temperatures. And Carmen Roberts is in Japan facing her food fears as she takes on her latest taste challenge.

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  1. kirouane mohamed amine says

    hej jag är från Algeriet kan du hjälpa mig snälla jag vill migrera till sverige

  2. ASA1689 says

    hehe this is fucking genius, at the same time you evaluate every city is handicap friendly or not! good job man!

  3. VIKADI-Group says

    👈🏽👈🏽Har du alltid velat resa inom 🇸🇪Sverige? Checka in den här kanalen🎥 för att få inspiration💯💪🏼

  4. John Mason says

    that microchip part is a nightmare.

  5. The Drift 9- Travel Zone says
  6. American Gedi says

    man made beach Mississippi
    അമേരിക്കയിലെ Man made beach കണ്ടിട്ടുണ്ടോ.

  7. North Star says

    Kala didn't signed up for this lol

  8. Strauss v0.2 says

    0:19 What the fuck are you doing in my country? Huh!

  9. Jireh Maria says

    Beautiful Sweden. I like your documentary.


    Screw having a chip implant!! Would be a good idea if you could trust humanity to not abuse it . Ah well, ive got a few chickens if anyone wants to trade for a train ticket

  11. Fredy Africa Zoologist says
  12. Erik says

    As a Swede I just love to sleep in the cold

  13. John Bergström says

    Self Driving cars in my Sweden. Answer no.

  14. ART Lee says
  15. Jey Rek says

    I love the show but the host is scary😂😂😂

  16. Ulrna says


  17. fitness guy says

    Säg hallå om du föstår

  18. Benjamin says

    omg, I love the show

  19. Blood Risers says

    Yeah they will start putting chips in us all. Bye bye democracy.

  20. Royal Kenny says

    -"When we have self driving cars so we do not need garages and we van use garages to grow food".

    A owner of a self driving car may not want to lend it out as a taxi when it is not used, so we still will need garages and maybe even more garages for self driving cars you can use as taxi or public transportation, and it had been more ECO friendly to grow food above ground where you can use the sunlight. Then he talk about how someone made "Food without sunlight" without talking about the power needed to grow it in total a place that have no natural light. That is almost a facepalm warning.
    Then it came to microchip under the skin as payment for traveling, it is good (but still stupid) until the chip break or when the technology change within 10 years and you need surgery to upgrade rather than send for a new card or update an app on your phone.
    I'm not the sharpest barrel in the shed, but damn that was stupid.

  21. Lisa Tesch says

    Thank You for putting together this video. My family comes from Sweden and I found it "Alarming" to see the chip in the mans hand. It is actually spoken about in a book written thousands of years ago, The Bible. It states it is taking the "Mark of the Beast" either in the right hand of forehead, to buy or sell anything! Not something most people even know about. Eventually it will become so standard people around the world will see it as just being convenient and have it inserted. Not a good thing for certain.

  22. Gurre Plurre says

    when he woke up in the ice hotel, I thought he was about to say he couldn't feel his legs 😛

  23. Isabella Jones says

    im swedish and i have literally NEVER heard about the micro chips

  24. Döparen says

    I'm from Sweden and honestly, -5 isn't even cold

  25. Dimpoe says

    15:59 :ooo

  26. ann mary says

    i luv NATTO😋

  27. Wille Öhman says

    7:55 was he a actor in desperados

  28. Stefan Söder says

    The part from Stockholm is utter bull****. All spin from politicians and "entrepreneurs". Is there no critical thinking at all at the BBC?

  29. Albin Nilsson says

    Old People swedish just sayin

  30. benny blazeit says

    you know that its illigal to fly drones in sweden right? did you get a permit?

  31. Nemi A says

    i have seen that dude from a british basketball show cause my teacher forced us to watch it

  32. LadyO says

    am I the only swede who didn't know we had a "mayor"???

  33. Kubena says

    They literally went to the worst city in sweden. Stockholm.
    Fuck stockholm.

  34. Sergeant says

    And now we can show shootings bombings rapes cities with majority of the citizens are immigrants and cities where afghan gangs and IS have the Power

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