1. Jack Sugden says

    Very professional, as couldn’t tell it from what was BE.

  2. Rexogamer says

    Not bad, though I’d think the earlier part of the tune would be a bit less soft.

  3. Ceejay Bucad says

    Very nice work.
    you have a tutorial for this?

  4. Michael Benns says

    Hi! Where did that globe thing come from

  5. Aneku Losan says

    I ask this all the time. Sadly, do to the world's OVER-DEPENDENCE on the US, what happens there will affect everybody.

  6. Aneku Losan says

    Looks even better than the actual intro for the Business Edition. You should sell this to them. Please email me step by step, how you created this.

  7. Gaelen says

    What does Obama hold for British buisness news exactly?

  8. PW says

    A bit juddery at first but nicely finished off. Good work.

  9. jmm1233 says

    win logo

  10. kimswabek says

    @michalg1991 real mockers gather on youtube, not on the tvforum which is full of daybreak-obsession…

  11. SomeVeryRandomStuff says

    This is better than the actual Business Edition titles – same with the World News Today ones. Good job. 😀

  12. giammyzanna says

    @michalg1991 why?

  13. giammyzanna says

    I forgot to tell: you should show your beautiful work to the tvforum's people. this is the website: tvforum.co.uk

  14. giammyzanna says

    Thanks for the 1080p 🙂

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