Beginners Guide to Learning 3D Computer Graphics


Watch the new donut beginners tutorial, remade for Blender 2.8:

Interested in learning 3d animation, gaming, VR or 3d printing but don’t know where to start? This video will give you an introduction to the topic of 3D from a complete beginners perspective, and explain why (IMO) all beginners should start with Blender.

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  1. AHMED & KHALID says

    Thanks for this video Im a student now God Bless you

  2. Lucas Bomb says

    I wanna make animations like this —>

  3. HAGUE NJIKI says

    Hello sir Blender, just came across your video and I'm interested in knowing the program more. I mean 3d animation. Please can you or someone be of help to me, please. Thanks

  4. The Charity Box says

    People who look with a wicked eye on Cenima 4D and know they can get a cracked version will never learn :p

  5. Mr. Cool says

    I like this job so much .

  6. ItzUr_ GuardianPotato says

    Im still 9 but I wanna start on 3D, thank you!

  7. Ninfa Bello says

    i dont like blender its complicated i want to find more

  8. DEVRAJ JHA says

    Can I use blender and unity both at a time

  9. Janaina Grant says

    Hello,how can I find a blender guide step by step

  10. Eden Power says

    people i heard that they use for Frozen 2 more than 25 softwares, So don't ask which they use probably they tried every software!


    Great lesson ,thanks alot working and uploading on my you tube channel….cheers

  12. Laura.draws says

    0:32 someone pls Tell me where this is from

  13. Sang Lee says

    What computer do you recommend? My minor was digital media arts and did a lot of work with Maya. I want start back up but want to focus on blender this time


    I hope I watch this video early

  15. Saurabh Patil says

    Thank you sir love you 3000& more

  16. Isabella Trout says

    This video was super helpful because I needed to learn how to do CGI for a youtube series of the lightning thief (which will come out fall of 2020)

  17. Muhammad Saied says

    Thank you , you are awesome

  18. Valentina Vega Salazar says

    Se puede en celular??

  19. KZ Vinluan says

    ill start using blender, in the future

  20. P. A. Inamdar College of Visual Effects,Design & Art says

    Very informative video. We keep watching your videos and it always brings new information to us. We also try to generate a lot of original and informative videos for the benefit of Indian AVGC community. Please watch the latest video Interview of Ms. Suchandra & Mr. Indranil Bhattacharya Owner of Shoutput-5 Animation Studio taken by VEDA. URL –

  21. ArticFoxBD BranDon says

    is there any app for pc that i can use to make this kind of 3d and texture animation?tell me if you know :3

  22. 5Gapps says

    good here also free course of animation

  23. Literally Satan says

    Tomorrow I'm starting a 3d animation class. Watching this as a quick introduction beforehand. Great vid!

  24. Choco Pumpkin says

    New subscriber here!

  25. lahens x says

    Bro can I make an animated movie using blender?

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