Behind the Mic: The Science of Talking with Computers


Language. Easy for humans to understand (most of the time), but not so easy for computers. This is a short film about speech recognition, language understanding, neural nets, and using our voices to communicate with the technology around us.

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  1. Tommyisme says


  2. Mikail Imthiyaz says

    haha pewdiepie has more subs than what seems to be googles official youtube channel…lol!

  3. Elizabeth Bernal says

    No entiendo ingles.

  4. Joel Wong says

    Kept coming back to this video. Concept told directly, as well as brilliant video editing.

  5. ckat77 says

    Send your message with love. I'm a Goo Gal!

  6. mike simfukwe says

    ponal vedic

  7. 0_0 says

    omg. kill ned flanders

  8. Paulo Felipe says


  9. Witold Banasik says

    Wooowww. thanks a lot… inspiring and impressing video on the stuff I am very much interested in. I mean the LANGUAGE and how it/they develope/s. Thousands of them actually.Well languages are everywhere scattered inside our brains in the cell bodies and in synapses. 100 billions of neurons and each of them connects with 10 thousands other neurones. Incomprehensible dynamism and complexity. That's marvelous.Chess comp beat Kasparow-the Deep Blue- 22 years ago or so- there is no problem for them to construct algorythm beating anybody…There are tonal languages like Mandarin, Korean or Japanese… much more complex for European listeners but less comlicated for musicians for example. Fascinating stuff.

  10. Krisztina Kovács says


  11. Jeannette Hennings says

    I want to learn so much about Google and how to make the programs and software and other devices work as well as other technology too but very very interested in getting reacquainted with Google

  12. Jeannette Hennings says

    I need real Google Help I've been going crazy as to if what I'm doing is right or wrong and why you do things that way bcuz how do you not know if someone is not do stuff on your account when you have told all your activity not to show up how can you watch that then

  13. Yeyey Ysgsg says


  14. Saripudin 3253 says

    Google good

  15. Digital Camouflage says

    Google is discriminating against me.

  16. Chad Donald Lombard says

    I need to speak to someone in the legal department

  17. US TECH says


  18. Anon Ymous says

    Thanks to dear matt I am learning

  19. Juan Olmos says


  20. Bagumako Laurent says


  21. Alexandre Miaki says


  22. Rabin Adhikari says

    Thank God, Google understands Indian English Accent. Siri is designed for white English speaking

  23. C g Cordero says

    thanks Google for being there around the ???

  24. Tanavat Choojitarom says

    perfect for blind person Thank you Google you have show me the way.

  25. ankhaton says

    I introduced ecological . °°xxxxx . instead of "please google xxxxx"copyrighted on Facebook this weekGé NefkensBefore looking see my ERIC SCHMIDT SONG ( the text about Google –

  26. MysteryPancake says

    g o p n i k

  27. ZeroKami86 says

    the only problem is that it doesn't know how to interpret needsi.e. when driving in the rain and asking Google for directions home it still needed me to take a hand off the wheel to click Directionsno matter how I asked for directions home it never did it for me; yes, I could have pulled over or risked taking both a hand and my eyes off the road in dangerous weather conditions, but I would have preferred after asking it for directions home after 50 attempts (with some variations) that it just would have taken the hint and started the directions rather than just pulling them up and waiting for me to interact with it.Many of the examples in this video are simple questions, that don't require you to use your voice, I feel for safety reasons the in-car questions should be more optimized.

  28. bojana fajmut says


  29. Raquel Caballero says

    What to say? Mi día me va bien o mejor que aller.

  30. Wraith says

    2:10 Great Arnold Impression ?

  31. Terrie Gilreath says

    And they have been interacting with each other seance they we're 6 months

  32. Terrie Gilreath says

    Yes babbies do comunecqte with each other, I know because I yhave 3 year old twins

  33. Deanna Dunbar says

    Close account close account

  34. julieta infante says

    Gracias todo es increíble Google es maravillosoEl trabajó que hacen gracias

  35. Nat Nat says

    "short film" ~ 7 MINUTES!!!!! #*$!*#$&

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