Behind the Scenes: KISSES AND DISHES


Behind the scenes of the Cleo/Jude kiss and the A-Troupe hotel party from season 7 episode 21 – plus some bloopers!
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Behind the scenes of #TheNextStep season 7 episode 21, “Room Service”

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• Alexandra Chaves (Piper)
• Briar Nolet (Richelle)
• Carter Musselman (Heath)
• Dani Verayo (Cleo)
• Emmerly Tinglin (Kenzie)
• Isaiah Peck (Henry)
• Julian Lombardi (Ozzy)
• Katie Ortencio (Lily)
• Molly Saunders (Jude)
• Noah Zulfikar (Kingston)
• Sage Linder (Summer)
• Shelby Bain (Amy)


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  1. THE NEXT STEP says

    Watch the full episode:• ?? United Kingdom:• ?? Canada: Coming soon to CBC Gem• ?? Australia: Coming soon to iView / ABCme

  2. Rehan Rahman says

    The person who edits these videos deserves a raise!

  3. Rehan Rahman says

    When are we going to see the BTS of Dancemania?

  4. 1 minute animations says

    Are the actors for Jude and Cleo dating?

  5. summer Plays roblox says

    -But I wanna jump on the bed- -Isaiah peck 2020

  6. Jay_Iron_Vade r says

    Cloouuut chassseerrrrss

  7. M o o n says

    :/ as a Muslim myself i can't support this my whole family banned me watching next step for this 🙁

  8. summer Plays roblox says

    Is that my eyelash?! It was so Random I laughed so hard lol

  9. Dilisha Saini says

    Lily seems like such a sweet person to be friends with ?

  10. Kibble Yeet says

    This is gay

  11. Shanaaya Samant says

    KT(Katie) Burger KingstonOzzington The guy who does thes needs a break

  12. Brooke Pan says

    Petition for Katie to start a youtube channel. She has such a wholesome personality!

  13. Itsfifi2finee says

    The next step has really changed which I don’t like

  14. Lottie Ele says

    whoever edits these videos, you’re amazing i love you ?

  15. sophia ward says

    what about ep22 bts

  16. Giselle Marchese says

    Did dainn and molly really kiss and atually gay

  17. Turki Aljallal says

    6:08 I'm dead?

  18. Jim Craig says

    * a noise coming from the left side *

  19. mockingariana3 says

    They should have kept in Carter eating the pie ??

  20. yemky2007 says

    My own trivia question:who said this phrase"Hi I'm Daryl i love dancing!"

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