Behzinga – Finished (Official Music Video)


200,000 LIKES = #RIPKSI

Beats by Swifta:
Mixed by PG:
Shot by Kon:

Thought I’d switch it up and do something different to everyone else, love to the UK people.
This is my last diss track, I am not a rapper but I have done my job.
Love gang, peace.

Behzinga – Finished (KSI Diss Track) Official Music Video
Behzinga – Drama (KSI & Ricegum Diss Track:

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Video Uploaded by Behzinga, Beh2inga.

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  1. FSJ says

    I turned power saving off my phone and it was suddenly a banger

  2. Jaden Simmons says

    Loooooooooooooooov it

  3. Ryley Kearney says

    even tho i love KSI this is still the best dis

  4. James Edwardss says

    Is it just me that I love listening to this

  5. Albert Schiøler says

    Finally this banger hit 300k likes!

  6. Shambles says

    Banger. No question ??

  7. George Evans says

    Is it wired that this is my 2nd favourite diss track, behind simons one?

  8. Alexjenixz68 says

    Top 5 uk disstracks

  9. James burke says

    How do i get this on spotify??

  10. Joseph Kang says

    This is what u brits listen to????? this jus sounds like a slower Walmart Eminem w a weird melody

  11. Ciaran March11 says

    Shout out to the people listening to this in 2020

  12. Progammer9 Muzz says

    That ending was hilarious

  13. FourToon says

    Jealous of Josh's beard? y e s

  14. regan wacey says

    Hi I like your song

  15. A cko says

    Anyone in 2020 just getting "lit"

  16. Jessica Lutaj says

    Ksi music video just came out

  17. Ciboh says

    This should be on Spotify

  18. افىفبىف البلالرى says


  19. Benq Gamez says

    Your right

  20. Captain Chef says

    0:39 that beat drop is amazing

  21. ToXXic Ace says

    0:40 tho

  22. TeamSc0ped Abdul says


  23. UserBenji says

    Ngl, when you hear this for the first, you think it's a stinker. But if you listen to it another time, this actually is sick.

  24. Jade Logsdail-Oliver says


  25. Amar Tarei says


  26. FBI says

    0:29 man knew things that i even didn't even know ?

  27. Mamun Hussain says

    Bezh had the most underrated tracks

  28. WILD EVO says

    They didn't really write any lyrics for meTrue ?!!

  29. Killer Gummies says

    my favourite diss from the sidemen, genius way to get out of it. ?

  30. airedpotato _ says

    It has so many deeper meanings that only KSI knows so he tries to play it off

  31. Ewan Whitford says

    JJ really is jealous of josh's beard lol

  32. O B says

    this is easily the best diss track

  33. dUm1CVII says

    The beat switch was hot

  34. AK - 05SP - Thornwood PS (1363) says

    Damn imitating Ksi on earthquake really got me

  35. Mohammed Raihan says

    I am from the future behzinga post 36 kg

  36. Nani says

    As a song it’s a banger

  37. Elias Mendez says

    Tell me if you watch this in 2020

  38. Tireni Oladimeji says

    Sounds like P Money

  39. ultra instinct broly says

    See I wish there were more tracks like this one, the lyrics are relatable and the instrumental is so catchy

  40. Kyran Geexer says

    I like this as an actual song!!

  41. Kenzie Baxter says

    Can we get a 10h version lol

  42. ultra instinct broly says

    This track is old and it's still fire

  43. riku izaya says

    so far out of all the disses between these guys Bezinga def got some heat

  44. Max Piattella says

    Yes, yes he is JEALOUS OF JOSH’S BEARD

  45. Bfehkaabhvkea Gvegaekh says

    2:42 my favourite thing ever

  46. Ryan A.C says

    "jealous of josh's beard"LMAO YES.

  47. Ayman .H_48 says

    He spoke about them showering wid eachother aba 10 times

  48. Aj Halesy says

    This is underrated

  49. Josh Cony says

    This is so underrated

  50. Corey Chudley says

    The Dislikes are mad. How can you hate this??

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