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Our Beirut Travel Guide! Friends, I am incredibly proud of this one. It took months of planning and prep to put together our Beirut episode but I hope you’ll agree that it’s been worth the wait. Beirut and Lebanon are extraordinary places, an absolute must on any traveler’s bucket list. Great food, warm and generous people, breathtaking scenery, and a fascinating history. I am very, very proud to share our Beirut travel experiences with you.

Thanks to our friends at Banque du Liban Accelerate for supporting us in the creation of this episode –

Our food experts Iffat and Hisham were part of the Taste Lebanon team –

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  1. Attaché says

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  2. Dany Loubos says

    Nice finish at the end… Fayrouz!!

  3. kangaroo says

    2016: lebanese people returning to Beirut to help it flourish,2020: lebanese politicians: hold my beer, see how they go back.

  4. Kevin Higgins says

    Very interesting, I am in Turkey would like to visit.

  5. Anthony Wakim says

    Wish these where still the days. Beirut 2016 was the shit. Now we are going like to a war

  6. Lebanese Lebanese says

    Lovely country I don't been 28 years

  7. Mhammad AlAbed says


  8. Anna Brown says

    I studies abroad in Beirut last fall, and it was honestly the best 4 months of my life! thanks for making this video to highlight this awesome city <3

  9. Sam Adams says

    Great video, thank you. Lebanon is indeed a fantastic country, with great people and a long history deeply rooted to the Canaanite-Phoenicians. Unfortunately, it's not only the West that gives Lebanon a bad rep but the Lebanese government does little to nothing to promote its historical past and present beauty.

  10. tony raidy says

    Some informations about Lebanon . 1 lebanon is the only arabic country wich don't have desert. 2 Lebanon wasn't arabic country before 1974? 3 Lebanon have the most lovely coexistance in the world all religions live together. 4 everybody at Lebanon speak at less 2 or 3 languages such arabic frensh and english . Lebanon is the most beautifull arabic country and the population at Lebanon look like italians? the christians in Lebanon=the muslimans here also we have others religions like druze alawite arman…

  11. tony raidy says

    Why u don't present jbeil jounye batroun harissa baalbeck jiita

  12. tony raidy says

    But the actor here present for us the baddest places in Lebanon

  13. adam hamad says

    you are wellcome to beautyfull friendly country of lebanon

  14. Meteor Fan says

    The news is a lie my story started when we were taking off with Emirates from Germany I was going to the (United States back home) when something went wrong on the plane and we landed in Lebanon the view of the country was amazing and I’m a loco person not gonna lie I postponed my ticket and got a visa on entry and decided out if no where to visit the country it’s really beautiful and it’s just like France it’s the exact same and going through the history Lebanon was colonized by France that’s why all streets and roads and building are French and I was going to visit this country this year but due to civil-19 I might stay home

  15. Real Hedi says

    I came from the Q and A video and yes wow this video was beautiful

  16. Sushicake666 says

    Would love visit Lebanon someday. Poking to the fire: Have you ever considered visiting Israel. You would love Jerusalem or Tel Aviv ????

  17. vegas valley says

    Thank you for this video,

  18. Stephen Rowe says

    I'd love to visit, seems an exciting and interesting city.

  19. Jessa Camelo says

    See you Beirut! ♥️♥️♥️

  20. James Kearney says

    Great people, lovely land. But in can fall in one night. I have been there and know it.

  21. pollyd79 says

    Where are the names of the businesses you visited?

  22. Son of a Preacher Man says

    The music at 5:35 please someone

  23. Joe says

    I visit this truly amazing country every couple of years. Lebanese people are so generous, beautiful and well educated. The food is on a different level. This is my second home. Love from Australia ??

  24. KerryCraig says


  25. Mahdi Kassem says

    I'm sick and tired of every video on YouTube about Lebanon every video is always in Beirut or some popular city in Lebanon, if you want the real experience go to the villages and go explore the old and rich culture through some Bedouins in Baalbek and Museums and ancient sites

  26. Sabah Amal says

    Lebanon is unique, I'm hooked. The media stinks. ?????

  27. kalsito kanal says

    Always same shit. People rip you off but to sell your video/blog/ article you say "embrace hospitality"

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