Berba's £300 penalty! | Dimitar Berbatov vs Goldie | Soccer AM Pro AM 🔥


Dimitar Berbatov takes on Goldie in the Soccer AM Pro AM. The Blackburn Rovers fans answer the questions, Goldie and Berba kick the balls. How much money can they win the Rovers faithful?


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  1. Soccer AM says

    Berba's still got it! (Except for that last penalty 🙈)

  2. Ikos Office of the world says

    He came to play football with blue chin .

  3. success2471 says

    He played the game effortlessly. He was pure class over soeed

  4. Jack Owens says

    Dimitar Berbatov doesn’t give a fuck

  5. Widdums7 says

    That guy in the yellow shirt needs to chill out. Looks like he wants to murder fenners.

  6. Cofimaslisa says


  7. mistree roh says

    Jimmy looks like a granny

  8. M -a says

    The goalkeeper is better than the current Liverpool keeper

  9. M -a says

    I would choose Prime Berbatov over Sane right now on any day and twice on Sunday

  10. super Boy says

    Who is the white hair

  11. yaya The great says

    Almost ran over the cameramen 😅 2:37

  12. Regan Ryan says

    Those shoes cant be good to kick in Berba

  13. Mo Jazi says

    KERALA BLASTERS Fans unddo

  14. M. Fahri says

    i need jimmy to be my stylist

  15. shiny m says

    berbatov is a f*cking bast*rd .😡😡

  16. Don Z says

    Berba's ego and shitty mood ruined it

  17. Wiliamo Chiquele says

    Anybody know the name of the song?

  18. ReeceyHalls55 says

    Ahahaha fuck bastards

  19. Omega Findora says

    Would have been daunting if it was in an actual match or Worl cup segement

  20. Paul Quaife says

    With out watch, going off the title…Shame they couldn't hit the crossbar, but well done getting the final question right and scoring the penalty…Ffs

  21. Edwin Dude says

    Why’s Bullard dressed as a women ?

  22. Greg Tees says

    what a pair of dicks the supporters are. Seen more brains on a butchers pencil. The moron in the yellow is a proper spanner.

  23. Teo Michael says

    That clown Berba never change, still have that heck care attitude in him.

  24. Боро Иванов says

    Berbatov 🇧🇬❤🙏

  25. IRONY says

    3:50 couldn’t have been more awkward 😂

  26. Chaz P says

    That’s not goldie that’s the till man in the corner shop man he’s called al shams

  27. Marty Schwartz Here says

    Most underrated footballer of all time.

  28. Danellboy says

    3:10 what a strike haha

  29. INTENSIFY says

    Never knew sam smith could kick a ball so well

  30. Luke Murray says

    All I can think of is the berba hatrick and turn against Blackburn back in the day

  31. Tony D'Annunzio says

    He needs to stop wearing stone island

  32. Adair Murray says

    Thanks for trying Dimitar, not like it was for money or anything

  33. Carlos was here says

    does he have a wooden leg?

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