Berlin Travel Guide


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Here it is, our long-awaited Berlin Travel Guide! What an incredible city – steeped in history, tradition, culture, and great eats. And there’s an amazing story about why we chose Berlin as a destination so be sure to watch!

Berlin is one of those rare cities that has something for everyone, so no matter what your reasons are for coming to this incredible city, check out our Berlin Travel Guide so you can make the most of YOUR visit.

Thanks to AncestryDNA for sponsoring this video.

We stayed at the Grand Hyatt Berlin –

How we film our travel guides –

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  1. Attaché says

    Thanks to our sponsor AncestryDNA, their help means we can bring these videos to you. If you want to take the same test that I did go to and you'll get 10% off the testing kit. Be sure to come back and tell me the results!

  2. FEA 93 says

    isn't that spit biohazard?

  3. Diva Queen says

    Sorry sweetie – we Scots are an open and friendly people, but not everyone can be part of the genetic club x

  4. Melisa Moskau says

    The berlin songs in this video!!! soooo highly appreciated, love it!! 🙂

  5. andrewnduati says

    I've visited Berlin a number of times, in fact I desperately want to move there, and never once have I had to pay for anything without my debit card. It's beyond cheap as a whole and is as vibrant as ever. As soon as lockdown/quarantine ends I want to move to Berlin, it's simply the best place I've ever visited, and wanted to live in.

  6. Jonathan Partridge says

    Love your videos Attaché but I must say I’m a bit underwhelmed by this one. Having lived in Berlin as a student and been fortunate to visit on 3-4 other occasions I can honestly say that there is more to the place than street food, oddly named cakes and sour beer! You capture a little of its essence in the final minute. There is nowhere like Berlin. It is in my experience a unique place and even within Germany itself famed for its sense of ‘Otherness’. I mean that in both positive and negative ways. It is unbelievably multicultural and you have access not just to different ethnic foods but also music, film, theatre, other performing arts. But it is also dark, edgy and seedy in parts. It has a unique feel and IS an acquired taste. Berliners, certainly when I was there, can be curt and a bit cold, but they are definitely honest and genuine. It is not an obvious choice for a holiday destination but literally oozes raw history from the pores of its concrete, if that is what you like. It shakes you up and enlivens you in curious ways. In Berlin you can be different and nobody will care. It is genuinely liberal and tolerant (in contrast to other cities that just pretend – urgh London) and that I think is it’s greatest appeal. Alex, I really think YOU SHOULD GO BACK TO BERLIN, forget your stomach for once, spend a few weeks there, get to know some locals and do the place some justice, man. And take some leather chaps with you for some real education. Now that would make a great travel video 😉

  7. Kenneth Wu says

    Really enjoyed my trip to Berlin. Thanks guys for all the tips!

  8. Devang Kangad says

    RIP Berlin ,you know what i mean

  9. steve pick says

    Afraid won't subscribe due to the who you advertise. They can't find nothing. But great vid. won't be back because of the company you plug.

  10. vinyalonde says

    I have just returned from four weeks in Berlin and I found this review to be very accurate. I have to emphasize just how good the public transit system is and yes, there are fare inspectors everywhere. The city is very safe, clean, and has a great laid back and comfortable feeling about it. I particularly enjoyed the museums of which there are many. Excellent food just about everywhere and so many interesting street scenes. Graffiti is an art form in this city. One aspect of the city that is very sobering is that you can't turn a corner without seeing reminders of World War II. There are many historical plaques and memorials throughout the downtown core (Mitte, Unter Der Linden, and so on). On some streets, you will see small brass plaques that are memorials to the murdered Jews. And of course the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is a sombre and moving remembrance. This is a great city, very beautiful, and I highly recommend travelling to see it.

  11. Parsa Rezaei says

    it felt like im in a gta mission because of that music

  12. yr 97 says

    3:48 Airberlin has collapsed in 2017

  13. Mayflower 400 Tours says

    Wonderful job! Thanks for all of your effort to help people connect with beautiful Berlin. Great script, fab filming and brilliant results. Thank you!!!

  14. Ed Gregory says

    I love your use of the Economist's Big Mac index. It is genius and so are you to use it!!!!

  15. PICKLE Marz says

    # 95 Eastern European and 5% Finnish Russian

  16. R Joze says

    City of Drugs, Alcohol, Homeless, Urine, Illiterate, Dirty and Poor City

  17. Matthew Freye says

    I find it interesting when I watch so many videos on European cities and it seems I don't see any 'typical' Europeans. I though Europeans were white? Seems like most are middle eastern. I am sure some of you will call me racist, but this is what I see when I watch hundreds of videos of visiting Europe.

  18. Christopher Mallas says

    Was this dude on channel one news?

  19. mithun suresh says has good pointers !!

  20. Darryl Fraser says

    I used this video as a reference for my recent trip to Berlin. Now coming back and watching, I'm so glad I did. Berlin is awesome.

  21. David says

    5:55 even double the kilometer

  22. David says

    3:20 Schönefeld Airport never supposed to be closed, the BER Airport is it's add-on. And 2012 it was supposed to open.. still very bad

  23. Jessica I says

    If you are in the north of germany (like around hamburg for example) try currywurst there. It is actually different from the one in Berlin where its cut up bratwurst with sauce, but in the north its a specific sausage thats also super tasty.

  24. persain empire says

    You wanna show yourself or Berlin

  25. day light says

    Thank you for the Vegan suggestion

  26. organboi says

    Couldn't stand Berlin. Years ago. No sun. Nothing too memorable in the visual department. But there is much more to it than just the food you're showings.

  27. patrick ryan says

    I wish I saw this video sooner. Got fined 60 euro coming from the airport into alexanderplatz. There was no where tht said for me to validate the ticket and the inspector said i should have read the tiny print on the ticket that said so.

  28. Mert Traveler says

    Train ❤

  29. KeithHeitke says

    "well, it weighs as much as a baby"

  30. Darla Doxstater says

    Small wonder you hold lettuce and tomato on burgers in contempt, if your idea of edible includes anything from Mickey D's.

  31. JabberCT says

    6:18 Wow that building! I want to squeeze it all back together lol.

  32. romber58 says

    It,s a pity that you never experienced Berlin (West)when the city was mega cool and on nobodys radar….we were an island and had a lifestyle that was unique due to history…Now everyone and his dog comes here.

  33. Nexbex says

    NO WAY ! I can't believe you put a Seeed song in there ! I would have upvoted nonetheless but dude… take a thumps up and three more spiritual thumbs up ! =) (is it b or p ? hmm…)

  34. Adam Mosel says

    Ate currywurst only once, just because I was in Berlin. After that, it was döners, döners, döners.  My mouth is watering just typing "döners".

  35. ALI AL-ISAWI says

    Dirty af why?

  36. Jeff B says

    And, of course, you'll find blue and grey-eyed Africans in Africa, as well. I think DNA ancestry should be more emphasized than "race." It's so much more logical!

  37. Jeff B says

    DNA tests take you back a thousand years or more. So I think most Caucasian people have Germanic blood in them because it was the crossroads of the ancient trade routes from the Black Sea to Ireland before the land bridge became the English Channel. Even in Italy, Spain and Greece, you'll find some of the oldest families are blonde and light skinned. Technically, I've always considered myself German, Irish and English. But after testing, I found a lot of French and Scandinavian DNA. Let's face it: Our ancient ancestors "got around." 😉

  38. Mohammad Yousef says

    صحن شاورما ب 5€ !

  39. Fareen Gul says

    Very informative, thank you

  40. Lawrance Ovarabia says

    Ugh! Too bad he took a wicked detour into a shameless INFOMERCIAL, playing up their sponsor and trying (and failing) to weave it OH-SO-INNOCENTLY into a part of his travelogue. No disclaimer, just more of the same predictable dishonesty. YOUTUBE, by the way, hits us with an ad BEFORE and AFTER his INFOMERCIAL. BOOOoooo!!!

  41. Elon Musk says

    Your travel videos are the best! Not hasty, not too relaxed, but just perfect. I wish more people subscribe to this channel. I love your narration. Keep up the awesome work mate…

  42. Pa Co says

    Berlin has much more to offer, than eating. You can eat in every other place on Earth, mostly…No need to visit Berlin only for that…Beside so many cultural heritage in the city, you choose to show what to eat??!!

  43. Stan Starygin says

    " Everyone will kind of think you are a dick" is hilarious.

  44. deccno says

    If you‘re going to Berlin don‘t go to curry 36 or mustafas kebap. There are long lines and curry 36 is super overrated in my opinion. A simple wurst or kebap from the corner store will do the trick just fine!

  45. shea_bliss says

    The bit about JFK & the jelly doughnut is not an myth. You can actually find the video of the speech easily and see him at the end declare "Ich bin ein Berliner". The problem is that it is grammatically incorrect. To describe oneself, an article is never used before the noun. So in in English, one would say "I am a teacher / I am a professional golfer". In German, it would be "I am teacher / I am professional golfer" – which still makes you a human, with abit of extra information. By adding an article (a / an), you are then describing an inanimate object, thus turning yourself into an non-human. So if you're really into hockey and say "I am a fan" translated literally into German, means that you are perhaps an appliance that blows air instead of a person who's really into a sports team. By declaring that he was "EIN Berliner", he demoted himself to an object that originated from Berlin, and rather than conveying the sentiment that he was with them. Super easy mistake to make as a foreign speaker, but as the most commanding part of his speech, probably should have been proofed.

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