Best Android Phones – Summer 2020


Our picks for early summer 2020!

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  1. Mark H. says

    A question that I and so many others have that you could answer so easily…WHAT ANDROID PHONES, NEW OR USED, WOULD YOU BUY IF YOU HAD $350 TO SPEND?

  2. lihao shan says

    no rog phone 3?

  3. Rafi Ibtesham says

    Hands Down!!! OnePlus 8 pro the best phone in 2020 🔥

  4. deeq cade says

    A phone is best when it has the following:
    1. Good camera
    2. Good battery life
    3. Affordable price
    4. Durability

  5. kaliman198117 says

    The OnePlus 8 is a great phone and with a great price, hands down the best

  6. E Rodrigurz says

    Blu ?!!

  7. DannyOF says

    exynos sucks

  8. Exploding Gamer says


  9. localroach. says

    who else broke their iphone so their mom said their buying us a andriod so you have to get the best one. 🙂 vibez

  10. Guitarwizard999 says

    @1:00 She dead.

  11. The Chocc says

    Vegan leather = Fake leather in other words

  12. Elkay EZS8WSLK Water Fountain says

    i wish i could find a small, affordable, and durable phone like my 2016 samsung j36v.

  13. BlackoutStudios says

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about how hard android chargers are to use?

    Oh yeah because nobody uses android phones

  14. Dirt Farmer says

    Vegan leather, love it!

  15. Natsuki Rei says

    Didn't include the Xiaomi mi 10s best speakers of 2020 fail list

  16. tahirsanli says

    How is Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro ommitted??

  17. Donneil Harvey says

    you missed one

  18. Macrov says

    I just can't go with Samsung anymore. I currently have the S9 and previously had the s6 edge, and s4 before that. I just can't stand some of the choices. The battery life is so bad on the s9, and was horrible on the s6 edge as well. I have to charge 2-3 times a day on a 1.5 year old phone. Bixby is useless I replaced it with google assistant, but the fact that its still there is annoying. The One UI experience is awful. I think I am heading LG or at least Moto.

  19. Carline St Jean-Laurent says

    I'm getting the first one ayyeeee

  20. M R says

    Pixel 3a? I never liked mine. What can I say? Good camera. Otherwise pretty good performance apart from losing alarms, ringtones and looping into some stupid Google Pay interface that you couldn't get out of. Couldn't even restart. POS
    But I never liked it – so the last time it bricked itself, I put it out of my misery. Rest in pieces.
    I wish I'd stuck with the old Samsung Galaxy4.

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