Best CHEAP 4G Android 10 Tablet Of 2020!


Alldocube iPlay 20 Review the best 2020 Android 10 tablet tested. It has 4G dual SIM with LTE bands 20/28, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Octacore SoC, MicroSD support, GPS, 3.5mm jack, FM Radio, a bright fully limited 1920 x1200 IPS. $114.99 USD with coupon BGiplay20TH here:

The best budget mini PC tested:

00:00 – Intro & spec
00:59 – Unboxing
01:37 – Build & design
03:26 – Screen
05:10 – Android 10, benchmarks & performance
08:48 – Youtube & 16:9 content
09:18 – Voice calls, audio & loudspeaker sample
10:21 – PDF files and eBooks
11:31 – Gaming performance (COD & Mobile legends)
12:21 – Front camera sample
12:54 – Recap with Pros & Cons

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  1. TechTablets says

    Sorry people, I said the screen was 200 nits no idea why I did but it's 470 Nits max brightness I measured. I was thinking normally they are 200-300 nits but not this one. The screen is great in this one.

  2. Oddi says

    Does it have 5GHz wifi? how is the wifi speed?

  3. kiwalabye collin says

    Really great review.

  4. herman stokbrood says

    Wow, I remember the early days of €150-€200 Android tablets. Man, were they horrible. This 10" tablet being only €105 is simply amazing.

  5. Chau Huynh says

    Did you have to pay customs importing into Spain? In Greece it's 24% plus 15€ checking fee. Would it still be worth it?

  6. WarLocker Seed says

    Videoplayback is a weak point! No VP9 support, video co-procesor only support HW H264/H265. So no quaility youtube video at 4K@60fps.

  7. Brew Tide says

    Just ordered this for watching movies in bed. Review makes it look quite promising. Might have to shave my eyebrows off if I leave disappointed.

  8. Sergipe Cycling Club says

    The only difference to the PRO version is the 6GB ram and 128Gb rom? If so, do you think that 6GB ram will do any better in the long run?

  9. Ming Ern Teo says

    I just bought one of these and I agree that this is really one of the best budget tablets running Android 10. What I liked:1. The price. I paid only S$147 for the tablet, a case, a tablet stand, a capactive stylus, 2 film screen protectors, and a set of earphones with in-line mic.2. This tablet's performance, screen, radios, and audio is comparable with the Samsung Tab A 10.1 2019 which I also own. The Samsung cost me $275. A Korean import set.3. The screen colour and touch sensitivity is really good. Really nothing short of amazing for the price. I played back a 4K video from YouTube at 1080p60.4. The UI is smooth, no stutters, no lock-ups. There is Dark Mode, and casting is possible.5. I popped in Sandisk Extreme 64 GB microSD card with 17 folders of photos and videos – total 35 GB. I use Simple Gallery to view them. The caching of thumbnails is slow (expected) but once cached, the viewing of photos by swiping left and right is good and smooth. Some of these photos are shot on a 24 MP Sony A99, and some are panos that are a few hundred MB in size. Every handled nicely.6. As shown in the review, handling large PDFs is a cinch. Really amazing. I used to have lots of problems scrolling around large PDFs and this tablet just handles anything thrown at it.What I disliked:1. The screen is really quite dim, I have it at 91% most of the time indoors. 2. The original UI is terrible, just installed Nova launcher to solve the problems I faced, including weird stretching of wallpapers. That's about it.

  10. jojimat9 says

    Nice to watch new Tablet video . Is this SOC support 10bit video ?

  11. boms ll says

    Where to order?

  12. Kimani Walker says

    This looks like a great buy! However I still miss when you used to do Windows tablet reviews, can’t find a single one that wasn’t made 3 years prior

  13. xX90sWereTheDaysxX says

    Please do a gaming review with call of duty mobile on this.

  14. Manfographic says

    Is the Android 64bit version?

  15. godzilla tube says

    FYI for USA ppl, full LTE bands are 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28 according to the listing. Certain areas in the US will have (very) limited support where there are towers that support band 2, but it's missing all of the rest of the most common US bands 4, 12, 13, 17, (66, 71) still unfortunately.

  16. Sigma zix says

    Good Job mate, cheers.

  17. CZARNYEU says

    I need Tablet but with Normal SoC….

  18. Cinnamon T says

    Chris or anyone, I am debating on getting either this one or the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019). Samsung has better processor but only 2GB RAM and 32GB storage and cost significantly more. I am not into gaming but using it for emails, Youtube, web browsing and perhaps Netflix. Appreciate your advice.

  19. gertjan van der meij says

    So sad that most new tablets don't have an HDMI out port anymore ! If it doesn't have an HDMI out , i don't want it !

  20. mahcinek says

    Canceled an order on teclast p10hd and got this one instead for reading PDF's and occasional movie watching, works great for the money. Won't be playing any demanding games, so worth it for sure. Also had no problem with installing Netflix from google play so that might be some regional issue maybe.

  21. Ilham Suhendi says

    Time to replace my iFive mini 4s. One of best purchase I've done.

  22. Richard Reynolds says

    Hey,Does anyone know about the Bluetooth on this tablet?

  23. Coolek says

    Can you play 4k videos on it? (Would like to use it to play some movies on my TV by using type-c to HDMI connector),

  24. nonnygb says

    Well that has to be the best bang for buck I've seen in a while… Amazing.

  25. exProphecy says

    Thanks for the review Chris! I knew my purchasing instincts were correct haha ??

  26. kevin santoso says

    Blackview tab 8 please. Stereo speaker

  27. Just a random guy says

    for me, a non gamer which would use this for spotify, browsing, youtube and pdf/ebook reading, this tablet is what I expect from an Android tablet, there is a pro version with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage for less than 30$ more, I think I'll pull the trigger for that one, definitely the most interesting tablet which came out in the budget segment since a very long time, it's true we won't see probably any update, but it's already on Android 10 and I'm coming from a still pretty usable Teclast ipaddish-kind of tablet with android 5.1, so I think it won''t really matter that much for me 🙂

  28. Kevin David says

    Alldocube m8 is the best for 90 dolars

  29. Pedro Marques says

    Hey Chris, quick question: how the battery drains on standby? question is because of some cheap tablet dont have the soft well optimised when standby and i would like to have one to replace a onda V10 that i have that was really good on standby.Thks for all your honest review! All the best stay safe!

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