1. Nora Ariq says

    Best movie

  2. to - ot says


  3. to - ot says


  4. to - ot says


  5. Funny man jay says

    Movie be good if everything not going back wards, they need to make a front wards movie.

  6. Lee Hai 'Grooving' says

    Would enjoy this story if it was not so back ass wards

  7. Alongti Anar says

    best movie.

  8. Keshab Rai says

    Movie e language and English language

  9. Keshab Rai says

    What is problem movie sound note clear come Yashwant movie I like it very very please this one movie movie anda clear sound speak not clear and the sound killer speak YouTube take ok thank you good night

  10. Yithachu Pfithu says

    Very bad… Upload in manner way.

  11. eli vallejos says

    Do u walk backwards?

  12. Uya Uya says

    Pelm kusut ulih muter di bolak balik

  13. ok wech says

    Mougou chahide tisouveda toi chrf woilasafou tuvabatr ton chonme com la premier foi me la vérité moi je tem plus toi hrf mougou chahide ☝️mougou chahide tisitacha vavo namini woilasafou mougou chahide nehika zorabo na toveda nefe ou cowoi le choho mougou chahide moi je tem plus toi ☝️soulaviya namougou mougou zokolou tisouveda namini woilasafou

  14. Sunil Nikum says

    Bhai Hindi me bhejo yar

  15. Elin Saputra says


  16. RPS House says

    Don't waste time

  17. RPS House says

    Reverse movie ??

  18. Maulana Aris says

    Busit download lol

  19. Mukesh kumar says

    Hindi mein upload karo bhai please

  20. full movies says

    ur bolshit y recommend this is new this is old movie lol

  21. full movies says


  22. Mary Ann Barrieses says

    This scene is too much useless… Why is this scenario is going back wards…

  23. Jukka Darngawn says

    I'm no more find it interesting and enjoyable after learning the fact that Chinese kungfu is useless when facing opponents practicing other Martial Arts, especially Muaythai and BJJ. The absence of World class champion from Chinese kungfu in any MMA competition is a good example, but it's the reason I'm to Martial Arts in the first place though

  24. rudi eckert says

    so ein Schei..dreck läuft rückwärts.

  25. Akhtar Ali says

    this moie name

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