Best Civs for Arabia Team Games (AoE2 DE)


These 5 civilizations give you the best chance to win a team game on Arabia, according to the stats.

The stats from the current patch –

2:05 – #5
3:40 – #4
4:42 – #3
5:35 – #2
6:27 – Honorable Mentions
7:23 – Biggest Surprises
8:05 – #1


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Game: Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition, with Forgotten Empires, African Kingdoms, Rise the Rajas, and Last Khans expansions

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  1. Jay Zech says

    do a vid covering the empire wars game mode?

  2. Tim Clopp says

    No mention of Indians team bonus applying to Berbers Camel Archers!? It's basically Obsidian Arrows for mounted (fast) units that can also shred cavalry – insane.It's not super applicable to strictly winrates and this video but a very nice combo to try in team games!

  3. Dennis Jonker says

    @ Spirit Of The Law. Are Japanese still your favorite Civilization? From what I gather, you seem very fond of (Siege) Onagers? What about Ethiopians, do you like those?

  4. David Pieper says

    Where do the Japanese rank?

  5. Jan Sitkowski says

    I checked Team Black Forest, and most played civs by the top players are Mongols and Khmer. The winrates are not amazing, but the amount of games is too small to make a good decision on if they are that great.But from my experience, whenever I play as mongols in black forest, the team with mongols wins.Also, low rating players tend to preffer Britons and Goths. Because OF COURSE.Thus britons and goths become the most played civ, obviously, in black forest.Also Teutons are often picked and have positive winrate. Because they're quite good, and being counter to Goths…

  6. SamfromMN says

    "Why are knights so powerful?" Europe, ~800-1400 ad

  7. It had to be a name says

    Considering alot of Cav Civs are top dogs…don´t you think the Vikings unique Tech is working in their favor?

  8. archon099 says

    My guess is that India gains a boost not only from how they counter most of the paladin-heavy civs in the top 5, but they also get 10% more gold from all sources during the late-game. With trade being available on a team, that can snowball into an endless gold troop spam.My go-to in team games is Spanish for similar reasons. Tons of bonus gold (though mine comes faster than India's), fast gunpowder units to support my enemy's front-line, with at least access to Paladins, villagers more resilient to raiding, and monks to help counter enemy Paladins. It gives me several ways to be useful, both economically and militarily. I can find a way to complement almost any army, and I help them fund it.

  9. Penghan Zhang says

    Mayans, team wall is op!

  10. Soinetwa says

    spanish not in the top 5 is really surprising to metwo things that make indians so good for teamgames that u didnt mention are1. the vil discount that u did mention enables them that in case one player on each team gets killed and have to reboom.. indian has an ez reboom to do2. u said yourself that typically the pocket players go for cavalry….. so having some of the best camls in the game seems a viable counterplay in the typical match

  11. Skaitan says

    * confused Saracen noises *

  12. Bruno Gabarain says

    Nice video and nice analysis, as usual. Love your content, keep up! I just wanted to point out that this is raw statistic data, but does not take into account the civilization bonuses working together. I mean, mayans team game win ratio may be boosted if it is combined with sarracens (due to obsidian arrows + sarracens team bonus) but it might be lower if combined with other civs. I guess is too difficult to analyze data in this terms, but it would be interesting to take it into consideration as there are really neet synergies out there.

  13. Dr. Bread says

    part of what makes indians dominant in team games is trade; the imperial camel has a very short respawn time, and trade gold makes this a much greater benefit

  14. Roy M says

    I'd really like to hear SOTL's usual in-depth take on this. I do understand that for a decent sample size we need all ELOs but at lower ELO the CIV probably makes little to no difference at all. The play in the below 1000 and 1000-1250 ELO ranges (lowest two brackets of the data he goes off) is so sub-optimal that the specific CIV would be only a small factor. It doesn't seem fair to include games where players don't really know what strengths and weaknesses the CIVs have (below 1k, and to a lesser degree 1000-1250) or how to play them. A decent example of that might be the Chinese, who are really flexible and have strong options everywhere but probably no single overpowering one. With their tricky start, their win rate goes from an awful 45% win rate for below 1k ELO players gradually up to 52% for the 1650+ players. Meaning for a skilled player it's an above-average CIV. For a noob, it's one to avoid. Another example of it not being relevant for low ELO players is the Italian CIV. For the 1000+ players, it's 43-45% win rate on 1v1 arabia. For the below 1k players it's 77% (though tiny sample size). Whether it's possible to divide CIVs into a top 5 for beginners and top 5 for intermediate and top 5 for pros might be a decent way of doing it – because lumping all CIVs together just has too many variables to be a fair comparison. And including data sets where there wasn't a big buff to a CIV might help with sample size. It also leaves a decent amount of room for opinion too and that's where your analysis and opinion would be interesting. Using the data as a benchmark, and then explaining any anomaly or putting in some context there, e.g. if a CIV typically won when partnered with another CIV. That'd be really interesting too – cross-referencing the wins of the CIVS. Does Khmer win rate increase when partnered with a Celt ally? Or Saracens with Mayans? Or Aztec and Brumese, etc.? Which are the most powerful combinations – as it's team games, the synergy would be the most important part rather than who is just the best individual team game civ. Either way, always good to watch your vids and nerd out on this stuff 🙂

  15. SeTh Players says

    That's right 😚

  16. Christopher Nowers says

    The cav is no surprise. Getting into the Eco and raiding takes the edge.

  17. mkaali says

    Now do a Top 5 FFA civs 🙂

  18. mkaali says

    Also Indians eco is one of the best

  19. Connor Milton says

    Can we get a video comparing the infinite resources generated by malay fish traps, fetoria, and trade?

  20. Sam Au says

    Would love a list for top civ for Arabia free for all, if it is available haha

  21. The Imperial Owl says

    I think the Indians are good because they have time to boom in pocket, which is what their eco bonus is geared towards, and since they can go FC into camels, with extra PA to be at least archer resistant they can shut down enemy pockets and take the game.

  22. beganfish says

    Another reason why these stats are not as reliable as people want them to be. Almost everyt pro agrees that archers are incredibly strong.

  23. Wesley Roney says


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