BEST Cydia Tweaks For iOS 11.3.1 & iOS 11.4 – New Electra Jailbreak


Here are some more awesome Cydia tweaks you should download for your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad running on iOS 11.3.1 or 11.4. These tweaks are compatible with the new Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1.

Jumper (
OptiX (
FloatyDock (
LockDroid (
AnimationsBeFast (
Simple Power Down Menu (
NudeKeys (
Bounce It! (
CCClearModulesBG (
FlashTap (
HapticKeyboard (

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  1. newyorkric4 says

    You don’t see quality videos like these anymore. Keep up the good work

  2. Martin Glez says

    Can you show me how to install activator on ios11.3.1 please

  3. Eternity 21 says

    Any tweaks to change the ‘ press to unlock ‘ ?

  4. sarey haj says

    I’m on iPhone X I can’t slide up to get the dock haha how can I do it in the iPhone X (floating dock)

  5. Weedclectic says

    where do I go to get the newest cydia install for newbs? I have done this before but not for a long time. Thanks!

  6. Tic says

    Thanks for listing the tweaks in description! You got a sub

  7. Audioz says

    Everyone Listen the name of the theme that he got called Ace High Seirra

  8. Crub says

    Wow this is professional! You are the complete opposite of iReviews! That’s really awesome. Also the way that you write the sources in the description as well as the tweak. You earned a sub+like!

  9. Ex Gremory says

    With the circles

  10. Ex Gremory says

    What theme you have on

  11. Boyan says

    Your wallpaper and lock screen please ?

  12. vicky sharma says

    I have iPhone 7 iOS 10.3.1 so how I’m jailbreak plz link send me 64 bit device not jailbreak plz plz reply me

  13. Hasher حشر says

    How o fix the save mode ?

  14. BCK2BCK says

    Don’t say 11.4!! Say 11.4 b1-3 it just b3

  15. No Yes says

    Great video man, keep making more

  16. Le Darkside Le says

    How did you get the weather in the control center?

  17. Shankar Lal says

    Please link your wallpapers ??

  18. Chris Ryan says

    Nice video

  19. Budder Epicz says


  20. z3ro7o says

    New sub, great vids

  21. OGKICKS 45 says

    I have floatydock on my iPhone X and I don’t know how to use 2 apps at the same time like the iPad and how you did it on your iPhone. Can you show how this is done. Or I’m guessing that it’s only on plus devices like yours? Hope you can help. Great vid by the way!!!

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