BEST FEMALE MARTIAL ARTS Action Movie Stars Of Today


Check out the BEST FEMALE MARTIAL ARTS Action Movie Stars Of Today! There are so many amazing martial artists in the world, so we decided to make a video with the best fighters and most skilled women in movies.

Let us know who’s your favorite Modern Day Martial Arts Actresses or if we missed someone in the comments!

Yanin Vismitananda 0:00
Li Bingbing 0:27
Michelle Yeoh 1:00
Maggie Q 1:27
Zara Phythian 2:04
Kelly Hu 2:38
Amy Johnston 3:08
Mayling Ng 3:37
Ronda Rousey 4:03
Gina Carano 4:32
Zhang Ziyi 5:07


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  1. FilmIsNow Action Movie Trailers says

    Who is your favorite female martial artist in movies? Did we miss someone? BEST FEMALE MARTIAL ARTS Action Movie Stars Of Today

  2. K. Murphy says

    Why no HIGH KICK GIRL(Rina Takeda)?

  3. รัศมีจันทร ปฏิวุฒิไกร says


  4. MusikPiratCH says

    Where are Cynthia Rothrock and Shannon Lee?

  5. Giorgos Manahiaris says

    You forgot Cynthia Rothrock

  6. Throw Congress Overboard says

    I love me some jeeja yanin

  7. Alina naghi says

    I love this

  8. gsimon123 says

    Screenrant: shows list of martial artist actors and only includes Chloe MoretzMe: -____________-

  9. chinoypi pasaway says

    Michelle yeoh is the Best

  10. mason mortar says

    ronda rousey ? she got her jaw busted n beat down into retirement..guess she belongs in make believe. lol.

  11. David Edwards says

    !?♦??⚘?A love in a universe of it self ?♦??

  12. David Slowhand says


  13. Hyacinth Arangoso says

    do you know shu qi ?

  14. Colabii Khaidem says

    I Love This heroni ??❤❤

  15. SXD says

    Could somebody tell me what kind of material art they use?

  16. Pluggerdan says

    Kathy Long…Jamie Pressley.

  17. Liviana Martha says

    Why don’t you mention Ha Ji Won?

  18. Mark Mendoza says

    Shu qi?

  19. Junior Kawai says

    My all-time favorite is Angela Mao. When she gives you that icy stare-down and pout, you're in for a good ass-kicking.

  20. FrankLogicTV says

    I was about to say where was my wife Zhang Ziyi, but you saved the literal best for last!!! THANK YOU

  21. Juntima Laklieng says

    Jija Yanin is amazing

  22. Call Me Heri says

    For me is , chintya chandranaya for real and action

  23. Troy Chris Carretas says

    Maggie Q is not legit instead put Cynthia Rothrock or Cynthia Luster

  24. Vanrosa Uch says

    * <3

  25. Editha Milan says

    Michelle yeoh da best

  26. edwin saboco jr says

    Full movie pls

  27. tricsy ken says

    Yanin is the best!??

  28. Wagner Santos says

    Cadê a Cinthia rothrock

  29. Wagner Santos says

    Ronda Rousey ? Ta de brincadeira!

  30. Mary Ann Viray says

    Yanin in Chocolate movie ButShu Qi ? is the total package

  31. Jim D says

    When they start flying through the air like the matrix…I turn it off and switch to something else.. its bull and it's to fake when they do 10 flips in the

  32. baby norhayati says

    Why no full movie

  33. Sheik Karmoeddien says

    She is the best female fighter around I wonder what happened to her I don't see her in any new movies. I wish to see her fighting skills

  34. Mhai Gavilan says

    Yanina is the best from the list, of course that's only my opinion. She actually do the moves, i mean just watching the behind the scenes of her movie "Chocolate", she really nailed it. of course there are stunts but you can see how natural she executes it. she also have demos of some of her moves in her interviews. Well she's a real martial artist, but still, she's the best for me among these women. She's like the female version of Tony Jaa.

  35. Maricris Dumaguing says

    Im looking for full movie of it with english subtle. But couldn't find it..

  36. rasta_nz says

    Cynthia Rothrock and Karen Shepherd are great too 🙂

  37. Helen Gynell says

    Gina Carano made everybody else look like amateurs. She kicked ALL the ass in Haywire! "If you can't keep up, don't step up!"

  38. Ritchie Alberca says

    Michelle yeoh,zhang ziyi,liu yifi,maggie q are really great!but i just wannna know who has an idea of who is cynthia luster?

  39. Froste says

    What. No Ming na wen

  40. Rebel Astra says

    Waste of time….still vunerable

  41. tgushiniere says

    As a lover of Old School, I would add Angela Mao Ying, Sue Shiomi, and Kara Hui to the list.

  42. Madjid CHOUARBI says

    except jeeja yanin and michelle yeoh, none of them can be called best female action actress. Better look for chinese actress from 80's Hong Kong acrion movies, like Kara Hui, Cynthia Khan, Cynthia Rothrock…

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