Best Game With UZI + AKM | PUBG MOBILE


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Played on : IPhone XS Max
Recording with : IOS Recorder

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  1. Levinho says

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    Thanks for the love and support ❤️

  2. Ali says

    I love you bro

  3. Shaxzod Ravshanov says


  4. JSM Pubg Gaming says

    exlent work ??

  5. Noman Khan says


  6. waris khan says

    levinho bro next video show your inventory ok??

  7. nicky moirangthem says

    Before going to sleep always watch Levinho and sevou video are necessary for me and maxtern also

  8. Zia Khan says

    See your 1 year ago video

  9. Niranjan Niru says

    that mid .met squad is really awesome i mean the way you dealt them

  10. Fela Lalruatfela says

    I love you ???

  11. king Afghan says

    I'm from Afghanistan live you

  12. Kelvin Klein says

    75.8 lakhs subscriber this decrease or increase ?

  13. yanis Slimani says

    1:52 the dude said we got raped ???

  14. Dhiraj Sarma says

    Brother why don't you teach us Akm m +6x spray

  15. Shehbaz Ansari says

    Love you bro

  16. FG Studio Suriname says

    you didn't sie the groza

  17. rifat mahmud says

    Levo : let's do thisSevou : spoidermon

  18. Wahyudi Kuara says

    I want play with you

  19. ẞüññy Sùj says

    Id 5208111223

  20. Sarang Kk says

    Please give me Royal pass 5359800988

  21. Bilawal Hussain says

    PUBG unbanned in Pakistan

  22. Drummafalyfe says

    This vid deserves a billion likes a million shares for the fact that shit M762 gun wasn't used

  23. Gokul GRK says

    Where is izzo

  24. Danish Qureshi says

    Nice shoes levinho

  25. Shivam Saini says

    Hi Levinho your gameplay is awesome. Would you like to send me RP? My id is 5426169904.

  26. Bomb Hacksbomb says

    Lev rule : do it yourself.Be fast as fek boy

  27. AKSHAY KUMAR V says

    Levihnho sir can you change AKM for me sir plzz

  28. علي العسيري says

    اسسستمر ليفينهو ???❤️❤️

  29. Mom Moms says

    Plzzzzz change this boring music

  30. Kashif Ali says

    Waoooooo niceeeeeeeeee game levo bro from Pakistan

  31. sanskar rastogi says

    my soul to levinho-dear levinho AKM with 4x are u joking…

  32. Rajveer Sharma says

    Anyone note that..Levinho skip his fav gun m762 in this gameplay

  33. Jibany Avila says

    I felt bad when he killed his fans??

  34. Adi Thorat says

    From last few weeks felt like someone other playing on your ac.. ??

  35. Savage ture world video says

    I been missing out levinho I'm well come back with likes big fan bro

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