BEST iOS 14 features for iPhone!


A hands-on look at what I think are the best iOS 14 features for iPhone.
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In this video we curate the list of iPhone features down to what I believe are the 10 best. New features include the compact phon call interface, App Library, Widgets, updated Music app, emoji search, approximate location, and more. What are your favorite new iOS 14 features? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts on the matter.

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0:00 Introduction
0:52 Compact Call Interface
2:21 Picture in Picture
4:05 Widgets
6:49 App Library
10:54 4K YouTube Support
11:47 Change default email and browser
12:13 Emoji Search
12:50 Approximate location support
14:08 Updated Siri interface
14:47 Music app updates

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  1. Chief King says

    The call ui is literally the best thing to me. Idk why it took so long to implement it

  2. animations says

    so cool 🙂

  3. thenow 555 says

    They forgot to add true dark mode. Safari doesnt show pages in dark mode, the color inversion option slows down phone & is messy.

  4. 25 Kishore Selvam says

    My only question, where is the news app? LOL

  5. Esteban Orozco says

    Is so funny how we are, because when a new ios comes, all we want to use the new features… 2-3 days. after check it… we disable the new features because this ones drain our battery… widgets is one of the more consuption options in android for years! and iphone is not the best phone in battery capacity… for that reason ,all we go to disable this new feature…. Second funnie thing… all the new features are features android has for years ago!!!!!! and this is the new ios14 improvements??? come on!!!

  6. TopVoider says

    “Took Apple long enough”

  7. muhammad harith Harun says

    Wow, minute 3:27 malaysia so popular.. ?

  8. Squints K says

    I’m trying to use Picture in Picture but it’s not working for me

  9. Bruce Lee says

    I’ve seen those exact features somewhere before. Can someone tell me?

  10. De’Shawn Wells says

    My goofy ass thinkin it was out already

  11. KShed says

    PiP doesn't work with youtube unless you pay. BSI also don't understand why ANYONE cares about "app library" virtually pointless. since you can pull down from any screen to search for an app. but the app library you have to swipe , swipe , swipe oh now i can search. Also pretty sure most people don't care about being able to hide apps on the home screen. since we all have found ways to deal with those apps like create a folder on a back page and remove the name of the folder . But woo hooo app library. My iOS widgets also don't update at all.My clock refuses to be anything but CUP and my weather widget is always wrong . Yippie!

  12. Tea EarlGrayHot says


  13. Bradley Field says

    4K Support is no longer available in the menu as of 28th Jul and yes I'm fully updated.

  14. Techonupnow says

    The app library is so awesome and the emoji search it pretty cool to. ??????

  15. Aaron Cordero says

    When will this update be released ?

  16. GSHYNE87 says

    I can't wait to download iOS 14 when it launches ??

  17. Diego Ortega says

    So IOS 14 is basically Android… we really miss you Steve

  18. Unruly Masses says

    Once again Apple takes jailbreak tweaks and implement them into iOS. I’m not mad at them though ???

  19. Christy Marshall says

    Yea they should have been done something about the call feature tho im surprise they just getting this in 2020

  20. Nasser Hammoud says

    I already have the update there is a way to get it ?

  21. Sandi Tyche says

    I absolutely abhor the App Library and that I can't disable it. I don't need Apple to do for me what I already do for myself… in a cleaner and more precise way. I can't stand more than one one page and it sucks that I'm forced to have to have 2 pages now.

  22. Da Coolest Dad Ever says

    Waaaaack apple is years behind Android they've run out of ideas ever since that nerd died. Wake me up in ten years when they do something new!

  23. KRIS· says

    Tamagotchi widget!!! ?

  24. Martin Angelo Mooney says

    Apple's widgets are useless except for thw weather widget.

  25. ARJUN says

    I like the emoji search a lot.

  26. ARJUN says

    Awesome ? narration ?

  27. Couchmann941 says

    The Widgets are literally the most useless things. Hope there will be some good 3rd party ones

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