1. Hercel Bins says

    Wow love this movie ?

  2. Muhd Faris says

    Poor Honey ?

  3. Muhd Faris says

    Serius ahh aaron aziz hahaha

  4. Bibie Msr says

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?????????????? love this so much!!!!!!!??????

  5. Sirotolmustaqiem jalan lurus says

    Film waapik tenan joss grandoss krotoss

  6. Haikal Abdullah says

    Aaron Aziz jadi jahat haha

  7. pablio carnecel says

    Ok no interesting girls power

  8. Joseph Aguon says

    Great video ??? thanks

  9. Edison Yee says

    English subtitles are a plus… thanks… good upload

  10. Joshafayne Yang says

    am watching your movies now. new friends here visit my house also

  11. shienelyn quiroga says

    Besttttttt movie!!

  12. Jenn Męrçaral says

    Maganda..parang Yung s naked weapon.. Mas maganda nga lng Yung naked weapon ??

  13. Roselle Reyes says

    ang ganda ng movie azztiiigggg ?????

  14. Aphun Gonmei Golz Aphun Gonmei Golz says

    I love ths move I'm frm nagaland

  15. Jenn Męrçaral says

    Papanoorin ko palang ngayon.. July 15 2020

  16. johanna rafol says

    i last watched it on 2018 i guess

  17. J Nhor'z says

    Wow astig… Super nice..???

  18. Charararan wink says

    Whoioo bitin ang gandaaaaa

  19. tigab3 says


  20. Anne Pesi says


  21. PH Earning says

    I'm so sad because honey is dead

  22. Master Paesant says

    Better than rambo v

  23. prashuram prasad says

    Hindi language

  24. Cleofe Flores says

    I love you in the moves

  25. nylador muluy says

    Nice movies…ang gagaling ng mga bida….

  26. tukun ikan says

    Mantap di Malaysia

  27. LORD MARC Abel says

    Tanga nyo naman tagalog dubbe bakit kapa nagbpoost nhmg maling tytike

  28. Jason Brane says

    Worst movie ever

  29. Igor Klimes says

    what an annoying crap!

  30. ei Srey says

  31. Gernalyn Eltagonde says


  32. Zen Abuan says

    What a great movie. Their team s so inspiring.

  33. Kathleen Altez Ayade says

    Super ganda . hindi nasayang ang oras ko ?

  34. Lasher Squirrel Slayer says

    Alabaster skin in its perfect beautiful ass-kickingness!

  35. laura s says


  36. Daniel D. Saiwhean says

    Good encouragement for womenTo be in the nation forces or in the police .When they're train well they produce good fruit 100%If you want to be destroyed quick look for women.Who destroyed Sampson ???

  37. Michael Pacatang says

    Looy kaayo

  38. Angie Ibanez says

    wow… very nice fighting scene..

  39. Molline tatenda Chisvisva says

    Stop it l like it

  40. Molline tatenda Chisvisva says

    Go girls

  41. BengPoy Salvador says


  42. kerLee Plum says

    Be ! V. H'. ".

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