1. Naam Shah says

    Pathetically over done film. One of the worst Chinese films l've seen

  2. Etai tayang N sipailu ,Newton tayang Alisha tayang says

    Lodre movie

  3. Adoracion Bautista says

    this is a fun movie anyway ahahha

  4. Adoracion Bautista says

    too.much pride the other girl got. she cudve done something to save her sec father… She just left

  5. Alei Phom says

    Best movie ever

  6. チャンネルケン says


  7. チャンネルケン says


  8. nanang maskumambang says


  9. nanang maskumambang says


  10. Scarlet Cute says

    I am very glad to see your video

  11. bir dass says

    amazing last fighting scenes , worth watching it rather than romantic movies

  12. Rio Hanabishi says

    its like the movie killbill lol

  13. sethlie 999 says


  14. Bralyn Weathers says

    Isn't she the girl off of youth

  15. Bernard Talbert says

    What's the name of this movie

  16. Sergio Soto says


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