1. Āvree Evans says

    #HAVEYOUABANDONEDYOURNINJA ?!????https://youtu.be/ozGIS09Ys-w

  2. Benjie Suantak says

    The movies is nice… But. Sounds is bad….. Why??? do better sound next time

  3. DereckJ tbear64 says

    Intermittent sound- Dont bother trying.. Useless

  4. Arnold Vicente says

    The best movie

  5. steby123 says

    Sad about the audio dropouts.

  6. Carissa Felicie says

    Search Here – ????-????? [??]———————————————————————————————>> @t.co/4k0HbDV2Yz?BestQualityLeurs états de santérespectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??

  7. Sam Allardyce says

    he left her a dildo ?

  8. Nonoytoper Manlapaz says

    This vedio was not to much good out of dub.. fuck who do this ..shitt.. dam

  9. John Campano says

    No sound your movie

  10. Puput onco pattirajawane Onco pattirajawane says

    Terimah kasih atas filmnya yg di tayangkan

  11. leslie smith says

    Good movie 10

  12. Tenright77 says

    Audio track – intermittant

  13. Melanie Tarroza says

    Beautiful but several times no sounds?

  14. Jericho Nonoy says


  15. Girwan Thapa says

    Why soud is missing several time inbetween the movie that's bad

  16. JB AURONZZ Channel says

    good movie but not perfect because sometimes no sounds

  17. jack says

    Poor imagination and old style characterising. Bad !!!

  18. Robert Trotter says

    " a wonderful tale from the time when honours integrity still mattered…"Thank you for the post/subject in any case.-b

  19. abdou fall niang says


  20. TonyElbows says

    sound is cutting off some times

  21. Geraldin Telan says

    Very impressive and what a wonderful movie! Amazing filming as well and well good characters. Especially for the protagonists though too serious, however he is great at all. Good job for the director and with the crews.

  22. Are Go says

    Film kok ra ono suara. Ono suara. Ra ono neh. Telek.

  23. MD.AL-AMIN .AL-AMIN says

    Nice movies

  24. maricar penus says

    Good movies

  25. Ryan salazar says

    This movie is so awkward

  26. Ryan salazar says

    This movie is so awkward

  27. Nabam Abo says

    Wtf stupid,idiot film

  28. Mhine Mendoza says

    Thank u their s a subtitle.

  29. Mhine Mendoza says

    Thank u their s a subtitle.

  30. chris Tiger says

    no sound

  31. Joonor Matote says

    Idiot movie,there is no sounds and subtitle sometimes.so annoying!!!!

  32. Jazz Martinez says

    Beautiful movie ???

  33. Dianne Udarbe says

    Stupid sound

  34. Isaac Otshudi says

    That is sooo dope how they film it

  35. সফলতার পথ says

    sound quality is very bad

  36. Khuramnaseem says

    https://youtu.be/DzMyJRon_u0How got China Rich

  37. Epper Gernel says

    Fake falme report

  38. Epper Gernel says

    Stupid sound

  39. Mark visaya says

    Nice movies

  40. Black Lives Mater says

    Stupid film, stupid storry and every storry ia Verry Verry stupid

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