Best Martial Arts Movies For Mma and Self Defence Training Tips. By Inkei Ninja


Ninjas know more about martial arts, self defense, and unarmed combat than anyone else. But they also know more about martial arts movies and training for self defense and mixed martial arts than anyone else. So, who better to present this list of the martial arts movies that have the best and most informative training tips. A good training montage can teach you techniques you never even knew existed. That makes them SECRET techniques. Techniques you will never learn off a Shaolin monk or your Karate sensei or from watching an old Bruce Lee movie with no training montage.

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  1. inkeininja says

    I have been training in the mountains of Japan. Also, I got a big-ass pizza stain on my ninja gi, and the guys at the dry cleaners took forever to return it. I will make more videos soon.

  2. AziaXtremeNFinity says

    How come u don't make anymore videos?

  3. erik cyree says


  4. inkeininja says

    Typical Western fear and racism against us Asians. Is it because we are more spiritual and can therefore channel magic energy that glows in the dark and makes us superhuman?

  5. Dhopamine says

    Stop pretending you are Asian.

  6. secularmind says

    Ummmm.. Actually I feel bad for you.

  7. inkeininja says

    Riiiiiiight. So the Batmobile just drives itself, eh?

  8. inkeininja says

    @sanjeev18tech Why would a ninja want to look like a ninja? That wouldn't be a very good disguise. Obviously, if I was paid to kill Batman, I'd change my appearance. I can take any form you can conceive of.

  9. Sanjeev Shrestha says

    haha its out of my mind u look like joker not a ninja

  10. inkeininja says

    @01marky I thought that was about dragons

  11. Mark Young says

    What about Enter The Dragon?

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