1. حكاياتى مع بناتى ام يارا says


  2. Ron Si says

    Hi Nigella. I want you to watch this video of an indian comedian mimicking you https://youtu.be/WaXbYKOWwRY

  3. akb 737 says

    I came from: English With Lucy

  4. Наташа Висхан says


  5. الشمس والقمر بحسبان says

    حبيبتى انت انجيلا منذ عام ٢٠١١

  6. Ananya Mahapatra says

    Referred from Jamie Lever?

  7. Sohini Chowdhury says

    Jamie lever is awesome?


    Who came here after Jamie Lever's video ?

  9. soso life family says

    بحب حبها للحياة تجنننن?

  10. Ralph Bassim says

    Gurl, the first recipe “the flatbread pizza”, thats middle eastern, not italian… thats already something we make and eat

  11. zain ten says

    شيف ناجيلا انتِ جميله وملامحك عربيه رائعه

  12. Jagruti Mitkar says

    ??same here? after watching jammie lever

  13. Sangeetha Senthil says

    Hi Nigella I am from India I am ur fam and I like ur way of cooking, enjoying food, ur lovely way of dressing up.

  14. Bucatar AmatoR says

    I love your cuisine

  15. Kelavi Ajay says

    Hiiii mam iam very big fan of u. Iam from india… bcz iam watched tv shows. Iam very happy to say… takecare mam

  16. Ashish Horo says


  17. Under One Roof says

    Yummy?From :- ????? ??? ????

  18. Anubhav Garg says

    I came here after watching Jamie Lever's video.

  19. Edgar Largaespada says

    Sexy, elegant and appealing personality

  20. Sadia's Shades says

    Like ur accent so much ✅?

  21. SИAP says

    SHES 60 GUYS

  22. Rhoda Rhods says

    So professional, wearing white and stainless

  23. Rainbow says

    As always no manners. She isn't able to say hello and bye to the audience.

  24. Mounia D says


  25. Eric Froment says

    the way she toss the food on the grill look so professionel… I feel so much confidente of my own cooking now

  26. Aqdas syed says

    For her age she doesn't look 60 at all

  27. Mỹ Phẩm Hàn Quốc Chính Hãng RUSIMAMA says

    She has made delicious food.

  28. JohnnyReb says

    Damn, she's gorgeous, not one of those 98 pound models who look like a Cancer patient,

  29. Daily Corona Updates says

    nigella is more beautiful then food.

  30. Oancea Daniel says

    Yummmyyyy yummmyyyy ?

  31. Teacher George English says

    Beautiful, sexy cooking. Nigella, will you marry me? or just visit. 🙂

  32. Hmda Alhashmee says

    Please enable Arabic translation to better understand you, because I love your recipes very much

  33. #S squad says

    Ok good

  34. nishat parween says

    I am amazed by ur beauty…

  35. AsiaNorNot says

    what wrong with camera why go in and out , so stupid ruin a good show

  36. Nadeem AL.Zayed says


  37. Nim's Choco Fantasy says

    Hi Nigella Lawson, I am a huge huge huge fan. ? Love the way you cook, speak and the techniques that u show. I love the way you present, easy recipes.. Iam a professional HomeBaker and recently started my own YouTube Channel. You are my inspiration to start my own. Thankyou ?

  38. dopiudo says

    So this is a salad with pasta? Uhm…?

  39. Zainab Abdalrhman says


  40. Zainab Abdalrhman says


  41. Moyuri chy says

    came to visit after watching jemie lever as a 'vella lawson'

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