Best Side Dish For Chapati..!!!!!!!!!!! ||||| Best Side Dish For Chapati



Best Side Dish For Chapati..!!!!!!!!!!! ||||| Best Side Dish For Chapati

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  1. Sweet Home Maker says

    I am big foodie channel owner nenga danae

  2. Saranya Aadhav says

    Big foodie oda owner arjun sir a

  3. kiruthi Suresh says

    welcome back anna

  4. kiruthi Suresh says

    video pakum pothe arjun anna stylelaye seirangalenu nenachute aprathan chnl name pathan anna happy to c u anna????

  5. kiruthi Suresh says

    arjun anna epdi irukinga

  6. shanu josephine says

    Welcome back Annan

  7. கிராமத்து கோலங்கள் gramathu kolangal says

    பயங்கரமா இருக்கு வாங்க நம்ம சேனலுக்கு


    Super cutting sir

  9. sunitha Suba says

    I am a big foodie

  10. Jeevananthan F says

    Anyone feels his chopping look same like I'm big foodie Anna…

  11. Deeps007 Deeps007 says

    Onion cut pannunadhu semma sir

  12. sushma sushma says

    Hi Anna -I'm a big foodie was you previous channel right? I had missed your cooking a lot.

  13. Inchara M says

    Arjun Anna is it really you?

  14. Geetha Balagopal says

    Thanks ? super

  15. Geeths Ingredients says

    Onion cutting was greatThis recipe very different nd yummmy

  16. Kayal Gardening says

    Wow welcome back .. sir unga post ta pathu than na channel start panniruken.. thanks sir

  17. manjula k says


  18. vijaya rangathan says

    Your cutting style amazing

  19. shiri m says


  20. Gurulakshmi Ravichandran says

    Arjun bro happy to see you again ??

  21. Nandini N says

    Is it big foodie channel?????

  22. Shirley Noah Prasanna says

    Welcome back?

  23. Navin Saradha says

    Knife link anupunga na…

  24. Nithi smiley grl says

    Sir WT hpn to ur old big foodie channel..pls came back

  25. Ananthi Kalaiselvan says

    Sorry. Vedio.

  26. Ananthi Kalaiselvan says

    Please how to finely chop? Release a vendor.

  27. Munira Banu says

    Hw quick without wasting time gud

  28. கோயம்புத்தூர் காரன் says

    Iam damn sure you are Old owner of "iam big foodie"! Mr. Arjun

  29. Essential Food Maker says

    Wow looks yummy… ????

  30. sinjita says

    Literally dancing for your cutting beats any one else like meet?

  31. Prashi Shetty says

    Thala Welcome Back…!!Unga cutting skill, Ring, Kal satti, Receipe description font size, short video with full recipes, –>>> we never ever forget ur old videos..!!!

  32. sujatha ramesh says

    Hi..All ur old subscribe will be back… If they see ur cutting style and vessels…. No need any intro….

  33. Supriya Raj says

    Wow wow wow wow you are back Arjun sir??? hearty welcome.. Hope you are doing well… Was missing your videos, now very happy to see your skills again…. SUBSCRIBED ?

  34. Gayathri KV says

    What is that bowl name?

  35. NLakshmi Venkat says

    I like the vessel also!! What's it made of? Where do u get sir?

  36. Chinni Uma says

    That cutting is listening like sak sak sak sak sak sak

  37. Raghu Nanthan says

    Tomorrow morning side dish ready.. thanks ji..

  38. sheshachalam sriram says

    Title of this marvellous recipe ? Bro

  39. Sri Devi says

    Arjun anna is back ?

  40. Gayathri L says

    This is I'm big foodie video na

  41. Nee New says

    Wo….wow…!! No doubt, you are an amazing chef! I tried multiple times to chop the way you did but ?? my finger slides under the knife.. anyways I love to try new dishes n am gona try this ?? God bless you

  42. saravanan n says

    Super..cutting style???

  43. kiran duddu says

    Chala simple ga bhaga chesaru

  44. Priya Darshini says

    Welcome back…

  45. G V Balajee says

    Great ?

  46. Vazira Banu says

    Hai brother very happy to see your video again. How is your health. Please my kind advice don't take too much of green chillies in food. Already many times I told you. Green chillies not good for digestive parts.Take care.

  47. Purnima Alla says

    Welcome back sir?

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