Best Soccer Football TikToks of 2020


Best Soccer Football TikToks of 2020

Funny TikTok memes about soccer girls, football stereotypes, goalkeepers and much more!

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Featured in this video:
– Albjmo:
– OussiFooty:
– Elliot Giles:
– DavidMC:
– Ralf Molotokas:
– Mark Kuz:
– PowerAndPrecision:
– TKTekkers:
– Tik Ballerz:
– KimFootball:

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  1. SKILLER says

    A compilation of all of the best TikToks of 2020 so far. Enjoy!

  2. Jt 1 says


  3. Rahul Solomon says


  4. XD Thomas says

    your battery percent is how much u love football

    myn is 89%

  5. Paul Middleton says

    93% here

  6. Andy says

    82% ggs

  7. Wyatt Kasserman says

    No not your footballs your “rare football collection”.

  8. Aditya Arun says


  9. Umm Umar S7 says

    76 percent

  10. Jemma Prestedge says


  11. Luciano Luka Josipovic says


  12. Christian Amaya says

    These people don’t really know what soccer is

  13. aahaan sharma says

    15 but I love football

  14. Abdulwahab Alibrahim says

    im a powerhorse

  15. Orange sons Imposter says

    I 10 percent

    In my heart +1

  16. George Vlog channel 123 says

    I ❤️ ⚽️ so much

  17. Hadi Issa says

    I’m a mix of a heroic defender and a own goal specialist

  18. John Paul Mack says

    My battery percent is 13% lol

  19. John Paul Mack says

    Why do they do the same “if you are not subscribed to skiller’ thing EVERY video, like they’re the same very time

  20. Eridon Pacaj says

    My Phone has 98%

  21. NK Kapellas says

    23% but i like football 1000000000000000000000000000 times more

  22. Pakistan Government says

    9:27 man, I know that feeling

  23. Comfort 's channel says


  24. Jo Harding says

    I got 98% guys

  25. Rip Kobe says

    I still don’t understand why people think strikers do nothing. I’m a RW but strikers are very important if nobody is standing in front and u shoot the ball away from ur own goal who’s gonna take it and get a chance to score a goal?

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