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Catch and cook stripe bass. Making Vietnamese style vermicelli noodles!

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Music @3:20 Kirkwood’s Passage by Sweeps

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  1. Jay Owens says

    That’s Gagsta bro ! Just subscribed to your channel from fisherman’s Life! Awesome job brother! Looks so good!

  2. Long Lam says

    Use the back of your knife Taku

  3. Eric Smith says

    i love steamed bass!

  4. Replica Gamer says

    1:42 Chef doing a collaboration with Leafy? I did not expect that.

  5. Z J says

    Taku's English is so good, compared to most of the Japanese I met.

  6. Cory Buys says

    I like watching your videos in-between the ads.

  7. Nguyen Kien says

    I enjoyed you catch and cook but this is not Vietnamese style dish bro. We don't fillet the fish, never! Anyway, great dish especially catch!

  8. Captain Vaan Smith says

    My birthday is may 19th. go may people

  9. Vaughan Scott says

    I love this channel.

  10. Oonga Boonga says

    sick cinematography

  11. I Pleedafif says

    We also use those ingredients in a spring roll. We would spread out those veggies and noodle. The fish is either grilled or fried whole. If fried we keep the scales for nice little crispy goodness. If grilled it's topped with fried garlic.

  12. Nature's Ninja says

    This recipe sounds and looks like one that would be delicious cold or hot. Just recently started watching your channel! I came upon this channel by watching a collaboration of you and Master Sushi Chef Hiro! What you do (catching and cooking) has always been something I've dreamed of doing! I just never had the time to do it. Now that I've gotten to the point where I DO have the free time, watching your videos has re-kindled that dream! I've planned a trip to go camping throughout the Appalachian Mountains!

  13. BillaBong says

    Dang looks good. Ingredients remind me of spring rolls. You should try making that if you havent yet. especially with your sauce mmm mmm mmm.

  14. Mike Anderson says

    Cool video. Thanks for the info on the Vietnamese style cooking. I just subscribed. Looking forward to more catches and cooking Viet style.

  15. CrabZilla says

    Nice Taku your great brotha…

  16. Doug Heinen says

    Thanks again for showing everyone Ikijime, the humane and correct way to kill the fish and put it out of it's misery.

  17. rarity says

    your wife is a very lucky lady. good day

  18. These Nutz says

    Stripper egg rolls is where it at

  19. John Aguilar says

    Most perfect moment 17:34-17:37 ?

  20. Rich Dunn says

    Wow. Keepers have to be 28-35 in Massachusetts. Nice catch on light tackle.

  21. It's just me. says

    The intro itself ????

  22. Life Life says

    Only believe when he speaking Vietnamese.

  23. Tom Nguyen says

    Incomplete copy of the Vietnamese cuisine. The dish looked more like the Korean dish of Bibimbob(?). By the way, that was rice noodle/Bun' (NOT vermicelli noodles). Your nuoc' mam'/fish sauce mixture looked sloppily made. Research and show more enthusiasticity/passion into your cooking instructions.

  24. Jyn Kingsley says

    I actually just wanna say that it's Vietnamese Fusion not actually Vietnamese style. We don't eat Culantro with vermicelli that way, we usually eat Culantro with Beef Pho. If you eat vermicelli, it''s actually cucumbers, Perilla, Mint, Ramie Leaf (Kinh Giới), and Chameleon plant. Carrots and Radish raw is not right, too. It should be pickled Carrots & Daikon. But I watched many of your videos, I know you are a creative person, so it's ok, but it should be FUSION.

  25. Khoi Nguyen says

    Champagne and fish sauce is way to go…..

  26. DVT says

    Congrats friend !!!

  27. Moon Chung says

    Love you videos. Everything you cook looks amazing and I can tell you are passionate about what you do and that’s what I love to see

  28. Geo says

    Even before you mentioned pan I was thinking “cool pan…” and sure as heck you had the pan listed in the notes, I had checked it before you even mentioned it…love it, your content is on point with at least my interests

  29. vp999 says

    Its not Vietnamese style when you filet the fish. We DONT EVER filet fish, we eat fish whole ..head to tail.


    Wow not bad at all brother..also nice video

  31. kimberly johnson says

    Thank you so much for sharing your videos. I didn't know how popular Vietnamese foods through out of the world.

  32. andy nguyen says

    need nouc mam

  33. Zul zKLsusor says

    Happy Birthday?

  34. Jackson 7177 says

    Striper and Halibut is my favorite fish to eat hands DOWN!!!!!

  35. Yung Hwangpo says

    very healthy way to eat !!!! yummy !!!

  36. William Zhao says

    If you were the company that made that reel and rod you’d be pretty happy from that first few minutes it was like the best advertisement

  37. Bubblehorn says

    Love the editing style, keep em comin.

  38. sweetness says

    that dramatic ass intro!!! i love it hahah!! so glad you guys started up again woohoo

  39. GG Vue says


  40. Clout Gamer says

    his birthday is 1 day before mine lol that's pretty cool

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