Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Video:
0:05 – PALM SPRINGS (2020) Andy Samberg
2:42 – RETALIATION (2020) Orlando Bloom
4:28 – THE RENTAL (2020) Thriller
6:28 – DEEP BLUE SEA 3 (2020) Action, Horror
8:14 – THE SUNLIT NIGHT (2020) Jenny Slate, Zach Galifianakis
***** WARRIOR NUN (2020) Netflix Series **REMOVED**
10:59 – THE NEST (2020) Jude Law
12:33 – THE RESISTANCE FIGHTER (2020) War Movie
13:54 – MOST WANTED (2020) Josh Hartnett
15:22 – BATTLEFIELD 2025 (2020) Sci-Fi
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  1. Rubyrosefani 5 says

    I just wanna see “Antebellum “

  2. Snoopy Bollox says

    Oh dear poor Orlando how far he has fallen….battlefield 2025 OMG are you serious?? is this the shiiiit they are seriously churning out now?? ?

  3. Patrick Cleveland says

    "Climate change"……LOL

  4. Eric Coulston says

    DeepBlueSea³ movie of the century, might just beat Endgame in the box office.

  5. Kid Circuit says

    The last one was made by asylum because they are known to make knockoffs of everything

  6. Cyber Man says

    I might give palm springs a try but the others look like either cheap movies for shark week, cheap movies for the sci fi channel or just painfully boring.

  7. zen koukata says

    looks like theres megalodon 2 huh?

  8. Zandergar says

    wtf is with the last movie on the list? battlefield 2025? this is a best upcoming movie? looked like some freakishly low budget crap high schoolers did for a school film project. lol more like a barfgasm than a moviegasm. lol

  9. Nameless King says

    When you have budget movies as "best upcoming movies" you know it is going to be a slow year.

  10. 75dreaded says

    Really a groundhog day remake with Andy Sandburg no thanks just no no no and who would want to watch anything with Zach Gallifanacis that's a no from me and battlefield 2025 straight to DVD flick that looks like it was filmed using by phone

  11. M J Grasscutter says

    My god it's like the same music in every trailer, BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Cut it out!

  12. James Berry says

    I didn't know there was a deep blue sea 2…if it doesn't have an ll cool j shark rap song…..probs not worth it.

  13. Christopher McClain says

    so many negative comments, we should try pointing out some positives. Like with deep blue sea 3, at least we don't have to worry about Sam Jackson messing it up

  14. Simeon 2 says

    Ahh. The good old climate change insert.

  15. Debra Miles says

    Thumb nail

  16. Jonathan Nickoson says

    The last one looks like the worst thing I have ever seen.

  17. Rapid says

    DBS sequels are cringe as fuck and need to be remade. You can't call it a sequel if its just a copy of its first film which was a masterpiece but never references events that happened in it, which I bet 2 and 3 don't.

  18. RasNoe says

    The last trailer is just another shitty Predator Remake/Adaptation.

  19. Mario Williams says

    Battlefield 2025: Academy Award for Best Picture, 2020Goes to show you how shitty this year has been…..

  20. Miguel Felipe Calo says

    Best? lel

  21. Aimee Dacosta says

    They ran out of ideas

  22. Support Main says

    I don’t get the logic on the shark film like how is global warming making the sharks more aggressive like I’m okay with maybe some kind of chemical spill nearby messed with them making them more aggressive but the other explanation just doesn’t make sense to me

  23. Sir Tokealot says

    Deep Blue Sea 3 might be the worst film I have ever seen a trailer for.It is, at the very least, one of the worst trailers I have ever seen.

  24. Cool Good Boy says

    Stupid thumbnail. That’s not even a meg. That’s a regular great white shark

  25. sathish shivakanth says

    All movies please help me tamil dubbed movies OK

  26. Tom Zeman says

    Hollywood horror show corona bite your tongue?

  27. Susan Hogan says

    This is bullshit you show I giant shark but no movie clip..

  28. Geary Godfrey says

    I’ve seen them all

  29. zaki xmca says

    the freak. it's not called "RETALIATION " it's called ROMANS and it's from 2017 not 2020

  30. vincent hammons says

    did not even know there was a deep blue sea 2, love the first one but these look corny

  31. Mike F says

    I had to look at the date to be sure it wasn't april 1'st…A hulu original??? It's f'n GROUNDHOG DAY…Deep Blue Sea THREE!?!?!?!?

  32. petis1976 says

    Deep Blue HOT GARBAGE

  33. Teuku Dian says

    Not going to any theatres in a year

  34. BloodStained Floor says

    Yeah… None of this looks interesting.

  35. 956BONKERS956 H says


  36. MrNiceGuy says


  37. hAk says

    glad we're on quarantine cause all these movies suck

  38. ffdv says

    the louder the thumping in a trailer the worse a movie is

  39. Bill Boucher says

    Did we really need another Groundhog Day? Answer: Nope. Will Bill Murray do a cameo? Nope.Might as well call it "Palm Springs: Live, Die, Repeat"Hollywood: No New Ideas

  40. ahalstead40 says


  41. Silvio Schröter says

    Battlefield 2025 ? What ? done by amateurs cgi is make cancer in my eyes. Holy crap this is without words

  42. Baby Yoda says

    What a terrible year

  43. AlexOS says

    Climate change is bad the movie.

  44. NotMorganFreeman says

    Oh! You pretty things!

  45. Bob Bart says

    … Groundhog Day – Again ? …

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