1. YourTypical Weirdo says

    I love every second of it

  2. Semy says

    Isn’t this a parody of some song? Would any one like to tell me?

  3. pretty ugly says

    Here in the summer break, still waiting for the 27 july 2020

  4. Jelly Belly says

    I'm i the only one who hears cff instead of bff

  5. Kayla Anderson says

    1:11 is so fun

  6. Hayley Demoret says

    If me and my bestfriend dont have a friendship like this in the future I dont want it??

  7. forensic agent says

    this is so catchy i memorized all the lyrics

  8. purpleglitterize says

    This is the best music video ever!

  9. Mackenzie Lynn says

    They have great vocals

  10. nico. says

    I know all the lyrics without knowing them. How is this man

  11. Starsong says

    Like if you’re just here for the inferior temporal gyrus ✨

  12. Alexandra Delliou says

    2020: 3602

  13. John T says

    1.5k people don't have a BFF

  14. genocide_ panther900 says

    First the avengers and now them too I'm sad, mabye the infinity stones will bring them back

  15. Owen Fisher says

    I have friends too

  16. Jake Trillions says

    Bee eF eF

  17. Navy Gaming says

    People don’t realize link is 6 ft tall

  18. Becca Kinisky says

    ok but the JUMPSUITS

  19. The Taco Cat says

    It is surprisingly catchy

  20. Crystal Pratt says

    This had a boy band of the 90’s feel and I’m certain that’s what they were going for so, well done boys. ??

  21. I smell Guilt says

    Ha having friends looks cool!

  22. GalaxyPlayz says

    they're definitely saying cff

  23. Karissa And Katelyn says

    There the relations everyone wants

  24. Starsong says

    Gonna send this to my best friends. Their responses will tell me which bff is the one that will help me relearn shapes.

  25. Marm Marm says

    No comment is talking about how this video is the literal embodiment of Rhett and Link?

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