BFHeroes'42: WorldCup Soccer Ball….


Ported the soccer ball widget recently added to BFheroes. Now the mod will have this in v1.8 which I hope to have released sometime in July. in the mean time, enjoy this demonstration video. Took me quite a few hours to get the physics for the little soccer balls right. The ball needs just the right combination of drag + mass + Material Elasticity. The Elasticity set for it’s material is what allows it to bounce. I added a ball bounce sound effect. Something BFheroes doesn’t have for it. I even made it float in water. 😀

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  1. Mohamad Aimran says

    the horn sounds like a choked goose

  2. MrWillandy says

    is this the old times of bfh

  3. Eldinarcus says

    It looks like a mix between Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Vietnam.

  4. WhiteS says

    mach mal nen link pls make an link pls I will it

  5. Emil Andersson says

    how did you get into first person

  6. MrBfhkiller says

    looks like cod to me >.>

  7. johnnektroys says

    @Dinosbacsi Yeah.

  8. MrHeros94 says

    sei un mito!!!!!!!!
    la grafica non e come l'originale ma e stupendo!!!!!

  9. Dinosbacsi says

    It's… a BF Heroes mod for BF 1942? o.O

  10. Włodzimierz Minotaur says

    i like you please give link with this game 🙂 PLEASE

  11. Włodzimierz Minotaur says

    i like you

  12. indyapa55555 says


  13. F4LLEND4RK says

    wow you made battlefield heroes 1st person?

  14. superguy911 says

    nice but its a football

  15. Royalking134's Channel says

    it dose not look like bfh

  16. ApacheThunder says

    @dutchtimNL1 v1.8 which will have the ball among other things hasn't been released yet. However a quick google search will get you v1.76b which is the latest version.

  17. Tim says

    hmm download link ? (=

  18. ApacheThunder says

    @dutchtimNL1 Yep. Anything I eventually port to the mod is free to everyone. 😀

  19. Tim says

    In this mod is everything free..?

  20. ApacheThunder says

    @ItsTheMatthias Thx. I spent quite a few hours trying to get that ball to behave. Initially it had either too much bounce and would just rocket off into oblivion or it wouldn't bounce it at all. As for water, I just added a floater too it. Dam EA didn't even add a floater to the ball? Wow now that's just lazy. 😀

  21. H4WK3Y3 says


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