Biden Delivers Remarks On Health Care | NBC News


Watch live coverage as former Vice President Joe Biden delivers remarks on health care and the Affordable Care Act.
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Live: Biden Delivers Remarks On Health Care | NBC News

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  1. jon jone says

    BIDEN is a lying socialist puppet for the communist Democrats .TRUMP2020

  2. Victoria Friddell says

    Nothing to look forward too in this country – it's truly depressing

  3. Angel Herrera says

    Afuera Trump satanas lusifer ? rey vipolar odios rasiales hegoistas asquerozo criminales organisacion satanicos enemigos de los pobres#666

  4. Angel Herrera says

    Himigrantes we love you ????? Joe bayron nuestro futuro Nacional presidente Joe bayron orguyoso presidente Joe bayron orguyoso#1 the best ?????#1the best

  5. Angel Herrera says

    Himigrantes we loved Cortez democratas unidad Nacional respeto humanos preserbar derecho humanos preserbar derecho humanos preserbar nuestro futuro Nacional presidente Joe bayron orguyoso presidente Joe bayron orguyoso presidente Joe bayron orguyoso presidente Joe bayron#1 ??????? ,#1the Best ?

  6. Angel Herrera says

    Hi Teresa ???????????????? Joe bayron nuestro futuro Nacional presidente Joe bayron orguyoso presidente Joe future futuro Nacional presidente Joe bayron orguyoso presidente Joe bayron nuestro futuro Nacional presidente Joe bayron ?

  7. Angel Herrera says

    Hi Teresa ????? good morning American ???? good morning American Good Men ???????? Joe bayron orguyoso presidente Joe bayron orguyoso presidente Joe nuestro Nuevo presidente Joe bayron orguyoso presidente Joe bayron nuestro futuro Nacional

  8. Angel Herrera says

    ASI es Joe bayron orguyoso de tener Nuevo presidente Joe bayron nuestro futuro presidente Joe bayron ???????#1good

  9. Angel Herrera says

    Afuera Trump lusifer ? odios mentales y raciales mentiroso anticristo satanicos enemigos de

  10. Angel Herrera says

    Ya ganamos Las eleciones que viva Joe bayron orguyoso de tener Nuevo presidente ASI es Joe bayron orguyoso de tener Nuevo presidente Joe bayron#1the Best music ?? men we love you ?????? st???#1the be

  11. Angel Herrera says

    We loved Cortez democratas unidad Nacional Joe bayron orguyoso de tener Nuevo presidente Joe bayron nuestro futuro Nacional presidente Joe bayron ???????????#1??#1

  12. ALI JOI Kenjaey says

    Hi dirty crooks with :8 years Obama administration you destroy USA no jobs sale all military secret service things for chaina Russia and Iran so now they talking about trust no more than only want finish America

  13. Andrew Starke says

    Somebody had there coffee 🙂

  14. СЕРЖ С says

    biden thief corruptionist and liar

  15. cam cam says

    All new sounds great good luck on that. Interesting !

  16. william rivera says

    TRUMP2020! ??

  17. Humberto Hernandez says

    Go joe biden we need you

  18. Humberto Hernandez says

    Joe biden a president for all americans not for a few

  19. Ed Dursky says

    Biden claimed that 150 million Americans were killed by guns…now he’s saying that 120 million of us have died from the China Virus. (Are you one of the VERY LUCKY 60 million still alive??? …or are you among the dumb mutherfuckers still supporting this sad old POS?)

  20. Ric Di clemente says

    Democrats are traders to America and Americans listen to their own lies; fake news get ready to go backwards 2008 ; Recession?

  21. Ric Di clemente says

    Affordable Care Act ? Obama and you Biden don’t care about America or Americans; I was there when you dragged Americans in the dirt for 8 years ; economy: you need to go to your dictionary look up that word ?

  22. BuenasNoticiasdeIL says

    Obama care was a disaster. If this is the BEST he has.. Well, then he has only disaster ahead for him. Demos are soooo scared….

  23. Bon Lued says

    Obamacare was a nightmare. A 68 year old man is still working to pay off over $12,000 on a credit card because of penalties and medical bills. Disgraceful.

  24. N B says

    When I see Biden, past the schtick, I see a guy who knows what loss is. Knows grief. And I think that kind of grief humbles you.We are a country in terrible anguish right now. We are in pain… the blindfold is off.. and we are kind of seeing ourselves as who we really are. American exceptionalism is not a title, like you were Miss America 1937 and you’ll always be Miss America 1937. It takes effort and work to maintain. And if you treat it as a fait accompli it will erode and you will lose it. And we are seeing that erosion.This country needs a leader of humility that understands that he doesn't understand, that understands the humanity of this experiment and the difficulty that it is in maintaining it. There's a humility to the randomness of tragedy that brings about a caring that can't be faked and it can't be contrived. Trump doesn't have that gear. joe understands when to say “I don’t understand”- that’s why he has my support.

  25. WrizzleDVM says

    Didn't Biden and Obama run the show for 8 years? At one time, they had the house, Senate, and presidency… they "solved the healthcare problem" with ACA/Obamacare right? So why are they now even allowed to speak about "new healthcare ideas"? Didn't they pass what they wanted? Didn't they fix it by making working citizens pay 2 or 3 times the previous rates and lose their doctors? That's looong before Trump came down the elevator. Obama/Biden already implemented so much change after Ferguson, Baltimore, etc, right? Shouldn't they have solved the "systemic racism in the police departments" then with all the new policies they passed? Oh wait, they didn't do a thing? Yeah. Just watch the TV at night, every person burning/looting/beating/rioting, every person blocking highways, every person ripping down statues/monuments (Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt)…. EVERY SINGLE ONE… ALL DEMOCRATS. No MAGA hats here. A person in a MAGA hat wouldnt survive 5 minutes in these disgusting blue mob run cities. Just look at all the cities with the worst records of police brutality, Dem, Dem, Dem… Dem controlled for 30, 40, even 50 years. And each election cycle comes and goes, and they promise you the same nonsense based on what polls tell them you care about… and each decade comes and goes, and all the problems "they had the answers too" still exist. Dear god, liberals are stupid. I mean seriously, just how dumb is that? This is why NY, NJ, CA, IL are absolutely HEMORRHAGING residents and they are all infecting NC, SC, FL. We call these "population statistics" and you may go look them up now if you like. Blue people cannot face the consequences of voting blue, NO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS and the direct destruction of their home cities/states… they must FLEE and INFECT red states. Like a virus, or metastatic cancer. They learn NOTHING and still vote the same way. No one, and I mean no one, born and raised in NC, SC, FL gets up and moves to NY, NJ, IL… it's insane to even suggest it.

  26. David Bradford says

    Treasonous traitor. Quid Pro Quo Joe.

  27. vargascarlos20001 says

    Its time to wake up people. Have the courage to just open your mind and learn the truth. Its not your fault you where lied to. The truth is unfolding right now and soon all of our eyes will be open. Its not your fault.

  28. Monkey Attackedmyass says

    I don't know who needs to hear this, but this senile buffoon is never going to be president.

  29. Krissi Faith says

    Screw Obamacare

  30. Lale Davidson says

    Vote Biden

  31. Mtn Maniac says

    A human 'over the edge'……??????

  32. ahjotson ahjotson says

    YT on Biden's Strategic Campaign Highlights: by WB GeorgeVP Biden cannot defeat Trump because Trump has for the past 4 years consistently been tested and that Trump has his solid strong supporters of 40 % voters pitting Biden's untested or unverified "strong" supporters.But there might still be hope for an unorthodox blue print highlights.Here is how V.P. Joe Biden could be the next President and win the 2020 election. First the Democratic Party must admit that Biden's personal supporters are not as solid nor as many as Trump's. No money is enough to buy them or motivate them no matter how much more the Democratic Party fund raising like to ask for from Democrats.  Bloomberg is a good example.  Bloomberg spent close to $1 billion that just garnered only a few delegates to make any significant prospect or be a viable candidacy during the Primaries.Contrary to the hype and expectation the choice of a contributing VP should be for a better candidate. Especially a candidate who could attract and draw out the dormant Democratic, Progressive and Independent voters.Therefore, instead of a token woman running mate, Senator Sanders should be the VP by his shear numbers of strong supporters and his magnanimous concession to Biden for the Democratic Party organization. This is politics of combined strength. To be realistic,  Biden's own strong core supporters are not enough compare to Trump's strong core supporters especially among the battle ground States.What Biden's most portent  political and strategic moves before or at the Democratic Convention is to maximize and energize Democrats, Republicans, Progressives and Independents. It's crucial for Biden to incorporate and announce his Cabinet before the election. And that has to be at the latest by the Democratic Party Convention.Democrats need to bring out all the diverse supporters from all the Democrats who supported all the 20 plus presidential candidates initially. The Democrats have the absolute number of votes to defeat the GOP. All it needs is to include all these previous candidates and their strong supporters.So, the best strategic move is for Biden to incorporate all those former presidential candidates and to promise them they will be a part of the successful Biden's Administration from day one. This strategy would also bring in Democrats voters to enhance the Dems chances in the Senate races, the congressional races and other States races.Biden's to offer upfront all his former opponents during the Presidential campaigns a Cabinet position or have them in charge in key positions at the federal levelsBiden to announce and state he would like to be a one-term President who would share the Presidency with Sanders of alternate 2 years each.With this unusual Presidency arrangement, Democratic Party would extend its control of the Executive Branch by grooming the younger leaders for the next decade or more. This would expose opportunities in building future leaders for the Democratic Party by providing a new crop of future leaders from all those running for the 2020 presidential campaigns.Biden could take up the Presidency from day one with all these leaders with him with Obama as a close Adviser.So, by offering his former Dems rivals, Biden could incorporate and sincerely offers all of them positions in his Cabinet.  In turn, these former Presidential candidates would definitely motivate and draw all their supporters and who would follow their leaders because their supporters would know he or she would have a seat at the table of power to continue the programs they fought for their followers and thus would ensure a Democratic win for 2020After Biden/Sanders Presidential Administration, those former Presidential hopefuls who are then exposed to federal level positions would be best prepared to chance another run to find their presidential dreams.For examples:VPSenator Bernie Sanders Attorney GeneralSen.Kamara Harris Secretary of Homeland SecurityMayor Bill DeBlassioSecretary of TreasuryMichael BloombergSecretary of DefenceAdmiral Joseph SestakSecretary of CommerceAndrew YangSecretary of HousingSenator Cory BookerSecretary of LaborCong. Beto ORoukeWH Chief of StaffGovernor Deval PatrickChairperson of FECSenator Elizabeth WarrenVA affairs AdministrationCongresswomen Tulsi GabbardUN AmbassadorSenator Amy Klobuchar orSecretary of EnergyGov. Steve BullockSecretary of InteriorSecretary Julian Castro Small Biz AdministrationTom SteyerSecretary of EducationMayor Pete ButtigiegMariane WilliamsonSecretary of Health Senator Kirsten GillibrandCong. John DelaneySecretary of Transportation Senator Mike BennetSecretary of Health Cong. Tim RyanThe alternate candidates should also be appointed in various  national key positions within the Administration.Why incorporate rivals?Each a d everyone of them could be best focus to bring in their supporters to go along to realize their interests best.Biden alone could not bring forward the issues close to their hearts.Biden needs to release podcasts everyday because of covid in place of campaign stumps.Podcasts to break intoPresident calming America on covidOn economic revitalization ideasOn holding rule of lawsOn foreign policies and reducing warsOn bring the world togetherOn healthcareOn domestic security and police excessive forceOn building infrastructuresBiden could not have enough supporters to take it over to win without the likes of Sanders supporters. Biden should not go over the day after the election to think back of what ifs…

  33. Amanda Farnham says


  34. Amanda Farnham says


  35. Hilda Guy says

    #R= release #E every #D demorat in office.. fake polls as usual like the ones you used with Hilly Gal and look how that turned out! #Chess Master #TRUMP 2Q2Q #GETTING UNDER YOUR SKIN IS HIS TRAIT WE LOVE!

  36. Cecil Riggenbach says

    You are deep State crook Joe Biden

  37. Cecil Riggenbach says

    Where is Hunter at

  38. Cecil Riggenbach says

    Why don't you go rip off Ukraine

  39. Cecil Riggenbach says

    Biting isn't going to fix nothing

  40. Respire or Expire says

    Please! We do not need platitudes and poetic talk. People are being evicted in the midst of a *pandemic! Get the *2nd stimulus out to the people NOW! Many people are stranded in their homes with no money. Where are the *solutions?

  41. Lawrence Mckinney says

    Creepy Joe you going to rub on somebody's child today bro you vote for Joe Budden you are a fool

  42. noonesflower says

    And I don't vote Trump

  43. noonesflower says

    Health care? All hospitals empty. People dying of anything at home too scared and not allowed to be cared for? People being falsely diagnosed positive. For higher numbers. What for? A sacrifice to this imbecile's hoax and presidential race? Sick.

  44. noonesflower says

    This man is a liar of satanic proportions. There has never been a pandemic. They are hoaxing statistics and killing elderly on the back of an ordinary respiratory flu.

  45. Televicious Goober says

    ACA was a republican health care plan. M4A needs to happen yesterday. Skip both of these twits.

  46. Bruce Alan says

    American media is controlled by military industrialists and the American war machine. They feed you lies, 24/7. Their goal is global domination. America is being cracked open by people who can't afford to have a Nationalist President who wants to bring the troops home. Wake up before it's too late.

  47. DrZach says

    Dinosaurs are more relevant, interesting, and modern than Joe Biden is.

  48. Catina Carter says

    I am willing to vote blue.. me and my family. We need a change I can't take another 4 yrs with trump in the office.. I am hoping biden will and can get the job done.. if everybody get out and vote.. vote blue biden can win.. we can make america great.. we all have seen what united states have become with the people running it…united states have become divided.. its wrong

  49. Grace Tolentino says

    If he wins Hunter will be leading the corruption in the public and private enterprises of Americans

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