big brain imposter games in Among Us


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  1. I AM WILDCAT says

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

  2. AmongUsTroll says


  3. Benny Mario says

    1:46 I called this meeting to let you guys know aboutRAID SHADOW LEGENDS

  4. WOWHugo _ says

    Yo I never watched a wildcat video before. What's the channel about overall, curious? I will stick till the end of the video as well 🙂

  5. Chandler Henshaw says

    They should make a feature where you can drag bodies into vents

  6. idk what to make my name boi says

    I got an ad for Raid right before he said Raid was sponsoring him.

  7. Mini_ Milk says

    Waid wado wegends boooooo

  8. OpTicCz_DraKonZ says

    Bro mega dont talk much ay

  9. Marisol Cruz says

    Can I just 1:40 😹😹

  10. Storm says

    That was the most cleanest way to start a sponser. Good job Tyler 👍

  11. pug gaming says

    During one of Nogla's stream he was a GODSurprising right?

  12. Rei Da Tecnologia says

    Not gonna lie, Panda and Wildcat have the best sponsor ideas haha. Normally you say "ugh again" for Raid but with that ideas man… u say "lol"

  13. Love Trolling says

    13:10 😂😂😂

  14. Love Trolling says

    10:58 😂😂😂

  15. - guy113- says

    Raid shito legends

  16. Anime Weebtard says

    Holy fuck that was such a smooth raid ad

  17. Wyatt Lambert says

    I love the transition to Raid Shadow Legends. Hilarious.

  18. Ryker Owen says

    at least he hadn't gotten it 6 times in a row

  19. popie 86 says

    Wait wildcat has a brain tumor quick make a wildcat is dead video

  20. WoolyDood says

    3:30 we not gonna talk about how wildcat didn’t get caught?

  21. Winter Fury says

    Smooth brains right there

  22. Tyler Cherry says

    A game with toast and wildcat would be insane

  23. ABC123 says

    I’m impressed that nobody cursed this whole time

  24. SanchoWest says

    I trusted you Wildcat . I TRUSTED YOU!

  25. Bob Dylan says

    "YOU GUys ssuuuuuuuuuc…" lol

  26. Ahmed Zahaf says

    Its not big brain plays, you're going against fortnite idiots and you're only showing clips of you as an imposter

  27. Michael Prins says

    Me getting an ad from idle heroes: ih7776 seconds later: wildcat sponsoring raid shadow legends Me: im confused af

  28. Serenity 185 says

    WTH I only just got my notification now?

  29. sR Clan says

    By far love this so much

  30. Faze Rose says

    Wildcat is the goat no other streamer on his level thats a promis

  31. Kaleb Butler says

    I love how wildcat has started to branch out and has been playing with a lot of different content creators

  32. fallen pegasus says

    I'm actually thinking about downloading raid shadow legends now

  33. Jebron Lames says

    I died laughing when he called the meeting and started talking about the sponsor lmao!!!

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