Billie Eilish On Mental Health & Friendship | Ad Council


Billie Eilish opens up about her personal connection to mental health. Learn more about how to start a conversation about mental health with your friends at

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Billie Eilish On Mental Health & Friendship | Ad Council

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  1. bobmorganz says

    Wisdom beyond her years.

  2. Tyler Smash says

    I've had depression since I was 3 years old. Billie understands me.

  3. espe says

    Sadly people are trying to discuss the level of their mental illness in the comment section. To the greatest mind, nothing is little, remember that.

  4. D Bear says

    Wtf does a 17yr old rich kid raised by Hollyweirdos know?Get a life.

  5. Avery Johnson says

    I’m just saying this I am suicidal and Billie is the only one who keeps me here…on earth ? I love her soo much and hopes she sees this message. But she has gotten me through so much and the way she handles things is amazing. My mom said I would never get to meet her…but I hope she sees this and I hope I get to meet her one day

  6. dearth vader says

    Mental health is stigmatized by the mental health professionals themselves. No one cares about newborn baby boys. When a newborn goes into seizures from a doctor cutting the most sensitive nerves of the body without anestia what do you think is happening to the brain..? Then create diagnosis criteria for dissociative identity disorder must include more than 1 experience of trauma. Then diagnose men with schizophrenia and prescribe expensive mind altering drugs and expensive therapy so research grants to study schizophrenia are not cut.

  7. Sykyk777 says

    She is not aging well….poor Eilish

  8. Sykyk777 says

    Billie= spoiled…. privileged….GROSSLY OVERRATED

  9. Shai Al says

    So she’s has depression or what I have depression an autism and I’m fine

  10. Gopled says

    When you're a pop celebrity with mental health issues, you get all the love, money, and support in the world. When you're an average schmoe of society, nobody gives a fuck. Raising awareness? That's laughable.

  11. Jojo Jess says

    Dose no one understand that you can be 13/14 and depressed?!!

  12. Camryn Conger says

    I doubt the fact Billie will see this but if anyone has the ability to bring it to her attention: my sister's name is caylee and caylee has eds type three as well as anxiety and depression as well as trouttets syndrome and she looks at Billie to help her through life, this is her last year and high school and she can't even go to high school to show her younger brother the ropes. All that I'm asking is that if Billie sees this to know that my sister, caylee depends a lot on what you deliver just through your music and looks up to you, your a amazing young woman

  13. Camryn Conger says

    I know some of us are here because we or some one we know are hurting this is a public reach out, I don't care you age, gender, race, and all you sharp edges. So who ever sees this if anybody, let's talk about what's going on in your life right now, even if it is rainbows and sunshine

  14. Camryn Conger says

    Well, I'm packing my bags and driving 3 hours to see my best friend, I saw the signs and know she is not in a good place it's 12:34 in the morning so I'll probably show up and crawl up in the tree we used to always sleep in

  15. Holly White says

    Thank you Billie. I think about My son ♥️. Who struggles.. I struggle.

  16. ISHAY Kokate says


  17. Pyxex says


  18. Ebru Sue says

    Anyone who struggle with mental illness -> you are dammit not alone. I feel y"all. Just don't be embarrassed what your makin true right now. Its okey to be not okey. But its not okey to harm yourself!. I love YOU all. Be nice & good for yourself ???If you guys want to talk about depression or anything with mental struggle you can find & talk to me -> instagram.I don't ask for any follower. I just wanna be there for ya

  19. LillianaDodson says

    Everyone making fun of young girls for acting edgy or sad, you’re just making people feel like it’s wrong to have negative feelings

  20. GetWellSoon says

    Unfortunately, from my experience, schools don't care much about your mental health concerns. They expect their students to behave robotic. The expectations are very high for teenagers. I feel like many people in their 20s go through chaotic phases because during high school you have the pressure of maintaining seven classes, sometimes AP, Gifted, etc. where you have to sacrifice your weekends and sacrifice your time to yourself to study for tests given on Mondays or work on projects etc. You have to have a certain GPA to go to the college you were told is good to go to to achieve the career you want as an adult. It's horrible and draining. Especially when you're the kid that doesn't have a stable home life. It's looked down upon when you behave and react to your childhood traumas in normal ways such as isolating yourself, not focusing on school work, thinking and trying to understand what you've been through with "family". It's apparently inspirational to be miserable but have a paper full of achievements and then have people clap and "sympathize" with you when you're successful and tell people "I was actually miserable and lost and depressed…" Sometimes, our American society makes it hard to take a step back and check in with ourselves. Because I feel like we're "trained" to always have a goal in mind to become successful. To have "American success" which is get an education and become financially stable. We should still strive for that/ what makes us happy but not neglect our internal selves. For the people self diagnosing themselves, I would get so annoyed with that but I think I understand it now. We're not taught about mental health in schools which should be mandatory. So, instead we rely on the internet to inform us and we all know Google is vague, which is why you do more research and also ask questions with actual people. Journal your thoughts. There's a free app called Journey you can use to write your thoughts down and you can have a password for it. And remember to not keep yourself in "victim mode" because that's not a safe state of mind. When you've gone through hardships you're given a very valuable lesson. Kendrick Lamar said in an interview once "You can either stay in victim mode or pimp it" meaning pity yourself, or strive for what makes you happy. I want to acknowledge that it can be so much harder to do than it is to say. But remind yourselves to keep going and see the bright side.

  21. Rohit Sharma says

    How can someone hate this soul ?!!!?

  22. spudth says

    I know they play it down but Billie Eilish is really beautiful. She tries to play that nonbinary type but in this ad shes a beautiful young woman that gets the message out well. I'm old but when people ask me " how are you?" I tell them! Some are sorry they asked but I do share.

  23. subandlikemyvids please says

    Your beautiful no matter what happens Billie you try ur best we appreciate it ty:)

  24. Cay Lemonade says

    I tried signing up for therapy but my mom said no.That it was her choice and that she'll sign me up if i need it. And any time i feel sad or look sad she says she'll send me to a mental hospital. And im scared of places like that, ive heard stories. It seems so scary. So I just tell her im fine when I'm not and i know i need help but i can't get it cause im to scared.

  25. dalilah trevino says

    ever since i was 13 i felt hints of depression because of my anxiety with school and my own personal issues and insecurities. now that i turn 18 in a couple months i have severe depression and severe anxiety, it’s been building up and i haven’t told anyone about it besides maybe hinting that i was slightly depressed to my sister but other than that no one knows. it’s worse that no one can help me but hearing that billie has been depressed for as long as i have and had similar thoughts about certain things made me feel less insane. when she said she thought she wouldn’t make it to the age 17, i thoughts i wouldn’t make it pass the age 15 but here i am- about to turn 18 in october.


    It's not that I think I'm weak it's just I think I'm a burden to everyone around me and I don't want to make it worse by telling them about my problems and the people in my head tell me to be quiet because no one will believe so I'd figured that the world is better off without me

  27. My Bloody Brain Podcast says

    Great interview

  28. kvnzie uwu says

    i wish my uncle asked for help….my mom says he was embarrassed……if he would hav told someone how he felt he would still b here…

  29. slayin' lisa says

    everyday is a battle for me. i'm scared to open up thinking my reasons were shallow bc some ppl had it worst. im afraid i won't be taken seriously

  30. Mister Darkness Alright says

    So I guess I want to state something. Before it begins I’d like to say I am in no way trying to pick a fight with anyone I am simply stating the obvious. Anyway many people say that Billie eilish is faking her depression which I highly doubt and here’s why. As a person who studies in mental illness’s allow me to explain. There is no proof that Billie is Infact faking it. However many make the argument that she glorifies it. However she doesn’t many people experience depression differently so even if it may seem like it that could be her expressing how she feels. Many even say that her label is marketing off of it however I highly doubt that. When I read some comments I’d decided to do some digging and I found out that she has a lot of creative control she even directed a music video called xanny to my surprise she even is one of the writers to her song next to her older brother Finneas occenel. So it wouldn’t be a surprise that she could do something as simple as coming out to her struggles. So even say that because she used the term “unhappy” to refer to her depression she is faking it however many people that I have met (including my family members) use the term I kinda find it hilarious that because people think this way. However Billie has opened up to self harm which many comments have said that, that is a hormonal teen thing which it is kindve sad that many think this because it isn’t self harm is actually very very serious to say it’s a hormonal teenage faze is really sad and disgusting even. Another thing is that many people compare what she describes as depression is hormonal change however hormonal change can be linked to depression studies have shown it. Many go as far as to say that she’s too rich to be depressed even though Chester Bennington was rich and he committed suicide and people with clinical depression don’t really have a reason tor being depressed they just are. Many say she’s too young even though depression can happen at any age regardless. I guess why I think so many people think Billie fakes depression is because of being merely paranoid as I see it some of the things these people say have paranoid traits so it wouldn’t surprise me.

  31. No Thanks says

    She is one xan away from an overdose, idk why corporate media pushes her on everyone

  32. E Fox says

    There's a BIG difference between being sad or lonely vs having full blown Depression. Billie Ellish isn't Depressed, all of her "struggles" were her literally just being a hormonal moody teenager who happens to be extremely rich, famous, and a public figure. We're all very much aware of Mental Health, no need for campaigns. Every public figure who gets behind "Mental Health Awareness" simply needs some "cause" in order to look like they're giving back, but are too pampered and privleged to be able to sell anything else. Having clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder, or an eating disorder isn't being "awkward," it's life threatening. Putting kids on psychmeds only exacerbates the problem, when what they really need are social services like food support, financial aid, counseling, getting away from abusive family member, etc. These are all signs someone's fundamental needs are being neglected, and/or their safety is in jeopardy. No one just wakes up depressed because it just happens without warning, there's always a cause, and until that cause is rectified, they won't improve no matter how many drugs you use to pacify their suffering.

  33. Beatriz Mateus says

    Anxiety it's killing me, i just can't deal with it no more? i need to go out in the real world, im struggling so hard?

  34. Ewa Dossowski says

    Mommy and daddy bought her career, she has no true talent

  35. zuza . says

    people shoud really understand that depression is NOT cool or trendy also self diagnosing yourself with depression just because youre sad is not okay, its okay to be sad tho.. its okay to feel down and upset. i was diagnosed with depression at 12 and it has lasted untill now (14) i do not ever want attention from the people that know ive been diagnosed or anything, all im trying to say is that it is okay to be sad and if you think its something more than that you should be able to ask anyone for help and as Billie said you shoud definitely not feel weak or ashamed because of it. i hope everyone has a good day 🙂

  36. Marissa Sanders says

    When a 14 year girl in your class commits suicide just think it make be because you said she had fake depression. Think about what you say

  37. Matt Farrell says

    She already looks depressed in this video

  38. Emily Bernal says

    Anyone else watching this while dealing with mental health during this crazy time of having to stay home 🙁

  39. D R says

    you don't have to be diagnosed to have depression

  40. ReadingTimeWith Audrey says

    I don’t really feel comfortable talking about this but I feel as though it might comfort someone else, I almost killed myself about a year and a half ago due to my severe anxiety disorder and then one of billies songs had come on my playlist and I just stopped. I stopped everything I was doing and just listened. I realized that if Billie can go through so much crap and mental health issues and depression then I can too. So I closed that window, I wiped my tears and I told myself never again, I’m stronger than that and I can do this. So to whoever is reading this I want you to know, ur stronger than you think you are and you can do this. If any of you ever need to talk I’m always here, you can DM me on Instagram @simply.audreyy I will always be here to listen. You can tell me whatever you feel that you need to. Just please take care of ur self guys. Billie saved me and we have all saved her. So let’s agree to be kind, move forward, and get stronger. I love you and I’m here for you ❤️

  41. it's just GIGI_dancer says

    0:44 billie: everyone has to help me: then why u don’t help me ???

  42. Happy12 says

    I’m in a horrible state right now and I came from school to day and I was scared to ask for help and I did and it helped me.

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