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All these videos were made by other Blender users, and I only collected them from YouTube and mixed with a song. Congrats to all Blender Game artists!! You rock!

Links as requested: The links are not following the video’s order… sorry I’ve being really busy lately…

– 4×4

– Monster truck



– Cube alpha


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  1. AzK_Slayer says

    Why did the song say "1…2…3…14"? Because it said "Uno… Dos…tres…catorce…"

  2. Joshua GameDesigner says

    Please Someone Help me;I'm running an AMD 4-core supped up tower, OS Ubuntu Studio,  and an Nvidia 560. But now my GLSL speed drop to 2 FPS when I was doing 60+ after I upgraded to a newer blender then 2.69 that came with Ubuntu Studio, even after removing and going bake to 2.69 I still have a supper slow computer using GLSL shader even in 3d view port.   Any one ever have this happen or have any recommendations?

  3. ToxicDNA says

    good..but no AI in any game?

  4. epitaph illsound says

    awesome video and awesome blender games, check out my FPS game in its creative stages, feedback is appreciate!

  5. Carlos Sá says

    if it's not commercial, you are good to go with Blender. If it is, you should google search for "How-does-Blender-s-GPL-license-effect-the-game-engine". Or try another engine, like unity3d, which lets you sell your games and it's free, like Blender, but it's a limited free version.

  6. Meat Shackles says

    It would be for PC 🙂

  7. Carlos Sá says

    it is getting closer to professional game engines, but you need to know that, as any other game engine, you need a profound knowledge about it, to get the most out of it. Necrosis game is a great example, and others follow along: Orbito, Elpis and many others. I think you should give it a shot and ask the help of blender game engine community, they will certainly get the development of your game to a high level. And a final thought, you need to know where to deploy your game: PC, Mobile?

  8. Meat Shackles says

    How is the blender game engine now? ive been looking into it as an engine because im more familiar with it from modding compared to any other engines. but from what ive read its terribley slow/inefficient, but then again all the info i could find was from old 2009 forum posts. so is it any better now?

  9. Carlos Sá says

    Blender Game engine has its own render engine, which is different from internal blender render engine and cycles engine. You could use baking to turn things more realistic. But then they wouldn't behave like realtime shadows nor lights. Search for baking textures for blender game engine. It should enhance things up.

  10. NENAD1797 says


  11. NENAD1797 says

    Can i make a game in game engine but then render light in circles render engine?

    I mean it works for internal render engine

  12. Carlos Sá says

    sorry didn't understand your question… could you explain?

  13. NENAD1797 says

    0:24 are you using circle renxder to make a game, just look light 0_o

  14. Carlos Sá says

    hmm I really don't know, I think its just a test. Actually I just stepped into it on youtube: look for "cowboy on blender game engine"

  15. Carlos Sá says

    oh ok, now I got it! Check crazybump for enhancing material quality on blender, and ya, need to look for tuts 😛 I could help with cycles and a little with luxrender though..

  16. Rasterbayne says

    Red Dead Redemption?

  17. Rasterbayne says

    Thanks, I'm really just trying to figure out how to work with mats in BGE. I used Cycles as an example, lux render too. I'm just not getting the output desired from BGE materials. I'll look up some tuts thanks again 🙂

  18. Sharkstep says

    whats the name of the game with that cowboy??

  19. Carlos Sá says

    well, I can tell you that if you want to solve something in blender game engine, like material setup, you need to do this: Example: I need to make a glass material in BGE, look for glass material setup for BGE in google. This is the fastest way to find what you're looking for. Because tutorials for bge materials there are a bunch of them, though most of the times they don't have the material setup we need. Hope it helps o/

  20. Carlos Sá says

    I don't understand… you wrote about 3 different things over there, 2 render engines and a game engine… If you want to use the game engine, you can't use luxrender or cycles engine to render the scene, because blender game engine has its own render engine. Materials in game engine are quite easy to setup, though they don't provide the flexibility of a render engine like cycles and luxrender. Try to be more clear about what is it. Still confused here…

  21. Rasterbayne says

    I can setup glass in cycles quick, even set texture using blender render but when I try to make a decent material in "blender game" it just doesn't seem to apply or change the material I'm working on.

  22. Rasterbayne says

    Hey, I'm trying to make a simulator involving a ball launcher, track (Bezier curve; Extruded) and some pins. Reasonable size seems to handle higher speed collisions better. If figured out a lot and have installed LuxRender which works. It seems just a little slow (needs more gravity) or scripting. I have used Cycles portion and render a pretty nice scene. How the hell do you setup mats in game engine. I have even used lux engine and it just seems the material will not apply?? its weird.

  23. Carlos Sá says

    ok, any suggestions?

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