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Premiere Pro's New Item Button and What It Can Do For You

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Premiere Pro

» Premiere Pro’s New Item Button and What It Can Do For You

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Premiere Pro’s New Item Button and What It Can Do For You

Jason Boone


Jason Boone

March 02, 2017

From captions to adjustment layers, Premiere Pro’s new item button offers up a plethora of tools.

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The new item button in Premiere Pro‘s project panel offers eleven items to improve your video editing workflow. Let’s take a closer look at each of those items.

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The first item on the new item button list allows you to create a new sequence. Create a new sequence based on a preset, or customize your sequence with unique video and audio settings — even specific track configurations. If you want to reuse your customized settings, then simply save out a sequence preset.

Offline File

You can create an offline file to use as a placeholder for an unfinished effect or animation shot. When creating a new offline file, you have the option to customize video and audio settings.

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Adjustment Layer

Premiere's New Item Button and What It Can Do For You — Adjustment Layer

Use adjustment layers to add effects to multiple clips at any given time. For instance, I can add an adjustment layer, and then add a video effect, such as brightness and contrast. The effect will change all layers beneath the adjustment layer.


Selecting title from the new item button drop-down menu will launch the title designer window. Here, you can create all kinds of different graphic elements, including basic text and shapes. Stick to simple text, or go wild with title styles and title properties.

Bars and Tone

Premiere's New Item Button and What It Can Do For You — Bars and Tone

If you’re working in broadcasting, you might need to add bars and tone when delivering your content. Bars and tone allow video engineers and master control operators to meet broadcast standards. You can find HD bars and tone further down the new item list.

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Black Video

Black video appears on the timeline as a still image. Use black video to fill in gaps in your sequence or as a transition between several layers of video clips. Simply place a short clip of black video in the top layer, and then add a cross dissolve to the clip.


You can now quickly and easily create open or closed captions inside Premiere Pro. Captions are simply text over video. Open captions burn the text into your final video export, while closed captions can be an external file, which allows your audience to turn the captions on or off.

Color Matte

A color matte can come in handy when working with graphics. You can match the color of an asset and then quickly create a background to match. In fact, create a background with any color you prefer.

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Universal Counting Leader

Premiere's New Item Button and What It Can Do For You — Universal Counting Leader

A universal counting leader helps check that your audio and video stay synchronized during playback. You can customize your counting leader to your heart’s content, including video settings and the actual color scheme of the leader.

Transparent Video

Use transparent video when you want to use a video effect that generates its own image and preserves transparency. The timecode effect is an excellent example. Create a transparent video clip, add the timecode effect and extend the clip to whatever length you need.

Do you have any Premiere Pro tips? Let us know in the comments.

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