1. Jonathan Sansom says

    Commentary of the plastic music.

  2. Altaaf Sacoor says

    song plrase

  3. Carlos Gallon says

    There's only one team in London. KTBFFH

  4. Altaaf Sacoor says


  5. omar p says

    whats the name of the song?

  6. jeFF Fury says


  7. saliemz dj says

    what is the title backsound ??

  8. osu wchar says

    MoonBeat x OpenWater – Time, is the song name if anyone wonders. And great video btw LINUSH, keep it up! ( :

  9. Zion Jackson says


  10. Darren Sievers says

    LOve It!!!

  11. Doga 47 says

    Superb video.. keep it up #blueisthecolor

  12. Goie Mena says

    hail king conte!!! tactical genius

  13. Esteban Fumero says

    40 goals already what the fuck


    Any video ideas? It does not have to be about chelsea…

  15. Yager Ann says

    What's song name used there

  16. vaishakh pv says

    good compilation but the quality on your videos are just poor

  17. 20 02 says

    Common Chelsea !!

  18. edzano21 says

    The next 5 games are winnable. They gotta keep this consistency up. Go CHELSEA!!!

  19. pappapajjen1 says

    track name?

  20. Amir Tahami says

    good job to whoever made this video lol

  21. Diane Lister says

    Brilliant brings back the good memories

  22. Sakata Samig says

    We are back where we belong!

  23. Alex B says

    Nice video keep posting mate I will subscribe u

  24. aadan muntaari aadan suleyman says

    chelsea unstoppbale;;;

  25. NeoxTrace says

    pure football

  26. Shivam Garg says

    name of song?

  27. ali gholami says

    We should have been in Champions league. ??

  28. Vuk Zivojinovic says

    blue is the colour

  29. Mohamad Nizam says

    chelsea can win this season..go the blues

  30. Ibrahim Yusuf says

    you mean first not firs

  31. J Wal says

    Well done Chelsea and great video!

  32. Mohammed Mukhtar says

    Chlesea are frustrating the experts of football anytime the experts try to predict Chelsea's results they often fail and see something unexpected so they hate to have a say on Chelsea games because they fear not to fail, they claimed that " Chelsea are becoming quite difficult to be predicted , ( Unpredictable )

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