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Bolivia – Welcome to the “Rooftop of the World” where you can experience breathtaking landscapes, ancient civilizations and colorful wildlife. Check out the best things to see and do in Bolivia.
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A #vacation to #Bolivia, a landlocked South American country, holds the promise of discovery for adventurous souls. While pretty Sucre is Bolivia’s judicial capital, La Paz is its political capital and also its main tourist hub.

Journey high to the Mirador Laikacota for city views. Deep in the valley below #visit the central Plaza Murillo, home to the most precious buildings: the Presidential Palace, National Congress and Metropolitan Cathedral. Stay near the Plaza San Francisco for its proximity to hidden gems, such as the curious Witches’ Market, the Musical Instrument Museum and the Coca Museum.

Bolivia is a diamond in the rough; relatively undeveloped, but extremely authentic, colorful and cultural. Bolivia’s riches shine through in the country’s high altiplanos, its floating reed islands on Lake Titicaca, the silver mines of Potosi, the infinite salt flats of the Salar de Uyuni and the untamed tropical lowlands in the vast Amazon basin.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.


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  1. Mad Employees says

    Most of the ignored countries in this planet's are having more hidden treasures..Its good for the nature and indigenous people's.

  2. Giffel Alexander Saavedra Calabi says

    Faltó Santa Cruz!

  3. Ipoll 6667 says

    From this channel I just like go around the world without buogh flight tickect 😆😆😆😆😆😆 thank you very much EXPEDIA 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  4. Abdul Karim says

    I love is amazing so beautifully city

  5. Alayna O'Neill says

    It looks so pretty!

  6. jilmar argollo magne says

    Crazy city

  7. Johnny Nava Ferreira says


  8. Francis Major says

    People live on floating islands in the Andes? Bolivia has to be the coolest place on Earth.

  9. Admin says

    I want to gooooo so bad. 😊

  10. Beatrice Nkundwa says

    Friendship is what it takes.

  11. cc cc says

    The clothes that those women wear are not indigenous. They literally use hats and dresses that Spaniards brought. It’s a mix of Spanish and indigenous culture.

  12. gustavo trigo says

    imcomplete video ….you just showed the highlands which represents just less than 30 % of Bolivia ….even you just not showed the biggest Bolivian City that is Santa Cruz de la Sierra in the lowlands (tropical), and didn't show others beautiful cities like Sucre, Potosi, Cochabamba, Tarija, Oruro, etc……. i hope that soon you can do it a complete video of Bolivia….. thanks for sharing with everyone the diverse country of Bolivia

  13. Noelia Madelín Mamani Colque says

    The video is so beautiful, but it has wrong information. at first Sucre is the Capital of Bolivia, and there was the first Liberty Screem in whole South America…

  14. Luis Salinas says

    Amancing Bolivia 🤗🤗🤗

  15. OmegaMale says

    Re: 0:22 "At a breath-taking altitude of about 12,000 feet."
    The proper word in this case would be "asphyxiating."

  16. CaapriceTube says

    Would love to visit Bolivia, and all of South America.
    Definitely on my bucket list.
    Already been to my parents homeland, Guyana.

  17. Mb Mathias says

    my neam is olivia

  18. A. P. says

    Nice video. Beautiful. Make background music lower.

  19. NeNiTa Oliveira says

    Go to Guembe Santa Cruz

  20. NeNiTa Oliveira says

    Why tourists just have to visit La Paz?? Bolivia is more than that, you need to visit the 8 beautiful cities in Bolivia.

  21. Lissa Maria Jacob says

    As long as I'm in the world, I am the light of the world

  22. Cesar Olivas says

    Hermoso pais con hermosas ciudades. Simplemente bello!! Saludos desde Nueva York

  23. FluxIsCute says

    can you explain why my spanish teacher sent my class a travel guide video?

  24. Natalie Prado says

    The Bolivian indigenous children are so adorably cute!!

  25. Miguel Cuellar says

    Que hermoso pais y mas su jente nativa que portan sus vestimentas orijinales 😘 un saludo de un mexicano

  26. NautilusStars says

    The writer and editor for the introduction of this video did not complete updated accurate research about Bolivia. The narrator gives us untruthful wrong information saying that: " Bolivia is a Poor Country." "Bolivia is not poor and undeveloped, " They do not know how fun and interesting diverse cities and sites you can visit in Bolivia. Bolivia has interesting diverse cultures to find, you will be amazed to learn their music, language, food, gorgeous country sites, honest and friendly people. The narrator mentioned dishonest information about Bolivia is undeveloped, wrong info about their economy and their economics. The narrator mentioned false and dishonest wrong information about Bolivia on YouTube, which will confuse many people who are making plans for traveling and visit this exotic country.
    Bolivia is not the poorest country in South America. Bolivia has only 11 million of the population.
    Poverty is a component and part of the economy of any country, that’s is the reason governments can get wipe out of any country's economy, they only can reduce it.
    You will see a comparison of Bolivia’s poverty with the following countries below, Bolivia should be behind those countries: Brazil (210, millions of population, 83 Million live in poverty), Argentina (45, millions of population, 20 Million live in poverty), Mexico (130, millions of population, 80 Million live in poverty), Venezuela (31, millions of population, 19 Million live in poverty), Chile (19, millions of population, 11 Million live in poverty), and Peru (32, millions of population, 18 Million live in poverty), US or EEUU (327, millions of populations, 90 Million live in poverty and live in the American Welfare System).
    Bolivia has (11, million of population, only 2 Million live in poverty. Peasant live modest lives in the country sites, but they never ask for Felfare money like in the US). Now please tell us: Why Bolivia is Poor?
    Please see this Video: US is the poorest countries in the world / Estados Unidos, el país más pobre:

  27. Berliner Stadtschloss says

    What is not mentionend in the Video: I have never met People on this planet earth, that are more polite, attentive and possess cultured manners than the Bolivians.I was overwhelmed and if I should ever move from where I live, Bolivia would be my number one choice, for the sake its inhabitants.

  28. Deepanjan Sur says


  29. conanthegreat says

    Wow looks so cute and interesting and BEAUTIFUL! I have to include it in my top next goals! When I travel I always take my travel playlist with me, new bands like DELTA PAROLE are a must, what travel playlists do you fellow travelers love and listen to? Hope to get me some cuties at tho

  30. Vinny Flores says

    This place has untapped potential. Come visit us. Lol

  31. Billy The kid says

    Is that safe ??

  32. Tilak Dhangar says

    Good video

  33. Nutriție Sportivă says

    Wonderful country!

  34. Aminu Ali says

    I am fascinated with Bolivia. I hope to visit it some day. But I'll make do with videos like this before then. I only hope its people are as friendly as the land is beautiful, for Bolivia is beautiful, no question about it, at least from the images I've gathered about it. Excellent video.

  35. rthelionheart says

    Tan ricas que son las bolivianas… en especial las de Santa Cruz😏

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