Bon Home's Heat and Dry Dish Rack


Now you can dry dishes in approximately 10 minutes with the touch of a button. The first of its kind, the Heat & Dry Dish Rack is much faster and more sanitary than towel drying. The heated airflow dries dishes quickly and effortlessly with whisper quiet precision.

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  1. Lynn Bari Turner says

    Dec. 6th, 2019. My Bon Home Heat & Dry Dish Rack has been my most prized possession for at least 10 years. I've treated it gently because I knew the company had either gone out of business or had simply stopped making it, due to so many returns and problems with its' motor. Years ago, when I learned they were going to stop making it, I searched high and low for another one (even though mine was working perfectly) because I loved it SO much, that I wanted a "back-up" in case it ever stopped working. However, I never found another one. I've always thought that the reason so many of these dish dryers failed, was perhaps because of the "on button" being mishandled. I always tell my house-keeper(s) to push the button GENTLY, one time only…and never to try to clean it for me. I insisted on cleaning it, myself. "Cleaning" consisted of hand-washing the little tray that collects the water-drips, located underneath the device, whenever I thought about it, and carefully wiping the whole rack down with a Clorox wipe, whenever I thought it needed it. I took apart the little utensil slots about once a month or so, and hand-washed them with soapy water, making sure they were dry, before replacing them in their spots. Well, I'm 75 years old now and getting a bit "forgetful". I must have forgotten to give a new housekeeper (who started a week ago) those all-important instructions, and she apparently tried to clean it and then she pushed the on-button too hard, to dry her first (and last) load of dishes. As a result, my beloved Bon Home has finally given up the ghost. I'd give anything to have the inventors of this product, tweak the design and try one more time to produce and market this device. Everyone who saw it in action, or helped me with my dishes, over the years, were simply awed by it. It was used at least twice a day, and usually even more because I have animals who need their bowls, etc. washed several times a day. The Bon Home has been a hard worker for me, and it dried all my many loads of dishes, utensils and pots and pans, quickly, quietly and streak-free. I applaud its inventers and hope they will one day read this long overdue, review.

  2. PartTimeTourist says

    Was it made in China?

  3. Brenda McLeod says

    Loved mine for six months until it died…the company sent me a replacement, and that one lasted six months as well. Great idea, not engineered to last. 🙁

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