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Bordeaux – Enjoy a region where history and charm flows as freely as the world-famous wine produced here. Discover the best places to visit and be enthralled by one of France’s favorite cities.

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A #Bordeaux #vacation is one for all the senses. Delve into the fascinating history of Bordeaux’s wine country and quite literally taste the fruits of its labor. From the museums dedicated to its story to the vineyards that are living pieces of this history, Bordeaux is proud of its vinicultural identity.

The essence of Bordeaux can also be found in its elegant architecture. #Visit the many monuments and grand structures set amid an already beautifully built city. #Explore Bordeaux from its stone streets, its twisting vines or from along the sweeping Garrone River.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. LG Voiceovers by Osagie says

    Amazing of how Bordeaux, is the South place in Paris.

  2. OmegaMale says

    I keep expecting him to say, "I'm going to steal your girlfriend!"

  3. Nohelia Chong f says

    Wow beautiful. Muy bonito.

  4. Patel President says


  5. Patel President says

    Excellent video

  6. frawldog says

    ?? ?

  7. Eva-Marie Sauer says

    You can‘t hear his accent at all ??

  8. Ramon Trinidad says


  9. 簡進義 says

    Bordeaux is pretty good city also have idyllic landscape , really very nice place .

  10. jeaneth120 says

    It'd be great if you could enable the English subtitles… Thanks.

  11. Luna Lovegood says

    I am maybe going to Bordeaux for a volunteering year and after watching this video, I wanna go even more

  12. Michael Meloche says

    My family name is from Bordeaux; it is my Meccah.

  13. Alex Dragomirescu says

    Aaaahhhh bordeaux wine ????and food

  14. Levis. H says

    yep, this is such a French video. lol

  15. nword boi says

    malaysians find these funny

  16. Ankit m says

    Awesome place and video

  17. Abhinav Kumar says

    The art of expressing and presenting the beauty of any place of expedia team is marvelous!! Thank you for helping me dreaming! ??

  18. judith benter says

    Breathtaking!! I have been there!!

  19. AJ Simonazzi says

    English with French accent. I like that.

  20. Nicholas Andrew Gumulya says

    Love the narrator's accent

  21. Traveling is FREEDOM says

    Amazing city, very nice video 🙂

  22. I'm here says

    Bordeaux ma ville??(my favorite city)

  23. Fleurette says

    1:09Le patriarcat tue.

  24. patrice guillon says

    Please don’t come. Already the city lost its soul. Too many people came, made a living and bought a house the past ten years. Bordeaux became the most attracting place to live in France those few last years. Real estate rose up and public transportation was over saturated. Make a long story short the city has lost a great deal of its character. Please DO NOT COME ? !

  25. Lazar Catalina says


  26. aditya raje says

    guys i respect your work but can you make videos on india for ex jaipur, udaipur,kochi,agra,kolkata,goa just few from many incredible places hope soon you guys realise you are not showcasing this part of world as all your videos are loved and shared across world especially by indians who plan trips abroad and the number is increasing exponentially please do make videos of india

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  28. tidusfantasy says

    Gosh, that accent! Sounds so poetic and romantic. So classically French! Love it!

  29. Ashley Nolan says

    Going in March, I cannot wait ! ?❤️???

  30. Dadou Baboo says

    Magnifique ville j'ador visité un jour

  31. Amirula Nazareh says

    Bordeaux ❤️

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  33. Irfan says

    Please include cities of Pakistan in your videos. We have very beautiful cities.

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  35. Rupesh Barik says

    Awesome ?

  36. Hongda Xu says

    Amazing video

  37. Հակոբ Յան says

    Հարազատ քաղաք,ծանոթ վայրեր։Բորդո իմ սիրելի քաղաք????

  38. DMM says

    My town. Living in Bordeaux is fantastic.

  39. Marie Duplana says

    Welcome to Bordeaux ??

  40. peter 123 says

    What about Hamburg next 🙂

  41. Maksat Adilbekov says

    Amazing video! I hope you will make videos about Lyon, Strasbourg, Avignon, Montpellier etc. There are a lot of great places in France.

  42. Hasan Javed says

    My city Bordeaux I love Bordeaux

  43. Yuri Esmeralda Gonzalez Ovando says


  44. RossHamMil says

    How can I make this guy the voice of my sat nav?

  45. George Gardener-Gr says

    End of the video: "There is a river in Southern France which bends like the crescent of the moon and on this bend is Bordeaux whose colors, moods and flavors can take a hundred happy lifetimes to explore! So don't wait until your next life, Bordeaux is ready to savor today"! Very poetic!

  46. Barwry Officials says

    All love world Europe people

  47. blank face says

    Your videos are extremely fascinating. You make us fall in love with that place.I♥️ BORDEAUX!

  48. Jon Reid says

    Beautiful! Well done Expedia.

  49. Samaël says

    Bon, l'accent est déjà meilleur que pour Toulouse x)

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