Borussia Dortmund nets 4 on return against FC Schalke 04 in Ruhr derby | 2020 Bundesliga Highlights


Germany’s Bundesliga season resumed Saturday after a two-month break caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Borussia Dortmund defeated FC Schalke 04 4-0 in the Ruhr derby. It was the first time that the derby was played in an empty stadium.

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Borussia Dortmund nets 4 on return against FC Schalke 04 in Ruhr derby | 2020 Bundesliga Highlights

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  1. FOX Soccer says

    Who was the best player in this match?

  2. ProgrammedForDamage says

    Julian Brandt. Honourable mention to Raphael Guerreiro.

  3. tengku tengku says

    The sound when scored?

  4. eghtn says

    So akward, new normal?

  5. Creed says

    Y'all deserve this beating for porpusely not playing Nübel.

  6. david nichols says

    Does the German national team still have players who obviously aren't German?

  7. The Urbanistas says

    Can imagine GK's are seriously lacking match fitness and strikers actually shooting at them.. All that reaction training does zero for the actual game

  8. rio197 says

    Nice atmosphere in this stadium.

  9. honcenk kaunang says

    Just like merseyside derby for this season, everton = schalke,, ?

  10. Leapheng LENG says

    Fifa in Real Life.

  11. Zero One says

    My days had been empty for a while without football. Thankyou for returning bundesliga

  12. Shrivatsan K Chari says

    Man haaland is awesome

  13. Mister Azvius says

    Goal celebration…no bro hugging anymore…keep distance…nice to see football play again…

  14. mikea hiooi says

    Missed football so much ❤️

  15. Pejuang Tanpa Nama says

    Most Dangerous Full Back in the World
    1.Robertson & Trent
    2.Guerreiro & Hakimi
    3.Your opinion

  16. Shauka Hodan says

    Hazard celebrated looking at the crowd lol

  17. alida flus says

    That keeper is sloooow asf!!!

  18. I don't know What to do says

    Slime satisfaction

  19. ohMalachee says

    Schalke reminds me of when in highschool, it was always that one team that never had practice during a holiday break

  20. LordVaderX dotPy says

    It is so sad

  21. Eduardo Contreras says

    Thanks Fox Sports for delivery!!!

  22. Jon Davis says

    Wow I’m happy to see there’s English speakers here lol so there’s American fans?

  23. Jon Davis says

    Can anyone please train me on Germany soccer leagues or Spain or any country lol. Or international baseball for that matter. Let’s start by I need to know who’s the top 5 teams and why lol. And if there’s international basketball then even better. I need trainings on all this

  24. Justin Moore says

    Less sports more death.

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