BOUGHTETTO Beauty Salon – Tabatha Takes Over | S04E03 (Reality TV) | Fresh Lifestyle


Aisha McKenzie has been taking her anger out on her staff and the atmosphere has turned her upscale multicultural salon “boughetto.”

The tressed-to-kill queen of salon transformations, hits the road again but this time she’s taking over more than just salons. Tabatha Takes Over follows the demanding perfectionist as she takes over various small businesses and family enterprises and whips them into shape.

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  1. Briana Alvarez says

    its the fake birkin for me

  2. Melissa Ernst says

    Damn, be an asset to your employer. If there is a dress code then you have to dress for the dress code. A machine operator would be wearing steal toed boots even if they hurt at first to protect their feet. So this receptionist needs to suck it up and break in those shoes, or go buy some other shoes that are better.

  3. Rolling Thunder says

    I can't help but see that Aisha looks like Will Smith's Sister

  4. grecia valencia says

    Val just needs to loose weight so she can wear closed toe shoes

  5. Dingle Barry says

    Clickbate photo – this has absolutely nothing to do with aliens

  6. Jersey Bred says

    This is New Jersey.

  7. Caitlin Hicks says

    It doesn’t seem like any of those girls went to school for business, hair, or makeup so like wtf are they doing ?

  8. Tony Starks says

    No that's not pink on dust

  9. Tom Jones says

    Val "the attitude" needs to go, and Nakira doesn't want to be an assistant so she needs to go. The rest of the staff seem really interested in doing hair.

  10. Haylee Love says

    The far white chick id fire b4 she even started.

  11. jaytotheell says

    the blonde woman is an absolute hybrid. they do walk amongst us, you know.

  12. Erika Wright says

    Aisha McKenzie owns a Beyond Hair salon in Cherryhill, New Jersey- a suburb of Philadelphia?

  13. Skyelar EmeryEagle says

    She fired two people she can save money

  14. Skyelar EmeryEagle says

    Those janitor keys 🔑 tho😂😂😂😂😂 –
    Tabitha – whats all thes keys for do I have to take care of my kids and your. Husband too.

  15. pink panther says

    Iesha resembles the girl from the Tyler perry movie “family reunion “ who was getting abused. Sounds like her too

  16. Joyce Woodruff says

    Her husband suppose to be the head of the ship.

  17. pink panther says

    Fire Valerie ASAP

  18. Joyce Woodruff says

    What does her husband do. I know her husband not putting everything on her.

  19. pink panther says

    Her staff can only do what she allows. Hire new people then fire the old ones who aren’t complying with rules

  20. Gargoyle Girl says

    Why is Melanie Griffith in the thumbnail?

  21. Terry Auer says

    I can't believe that woman wanted a Hallie Berry hair cut with the significant receding hair she has

  22. Stevie Wilde says

    Val and Nakiyra fired best business decision she could have made

  23. NeekaBear says

    I don't care what shoes my hair stylist wears. In fact, I've never even noticed. I like the way she does my hair. That's what I care about!

  24. Carrie Stanley says

    I'm sorry, I get the shampoo bottle background.. but SUAVE. 😅😅

  25. Lisa Currier says


  26. Siren Thelxiope says

    We need to send Tabatha to the White House. She would straighten a lot of mess out!!

  27. Rhonda Walters says

    Why are you buying DOLLAR TREE stuff and taking the labels off??? LOL. I know those bottles…..

  28. Minnie Jones says

    I really enjoyed watching this. Gotta love that tabatha

  29. I got It says

    I've seen that cutting technique

  30. Queen of Fucking Everything says

    Why I thought this said Boughetto…as in bougie and ghetto.

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