Brad Owen on COVID Lockdown, the Future of Live Poker, Neeme MUGs & More! – The Rake E032


On this week’s episode of The Rake podcast, hosts Marle Cordeiro & Jamie Kerstetter chat with guest Brad Owen about what he’s been up to in COVID quarantine, his thoughts on how the lockdown will affect the future of live poker, how much he misses live events, his MUGs with Andrew Neeme, and much more.

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What he’s been up to during quarantine and the consequent lack of live poker.

What types of poker they’re all playing online. MTTs vs cash. Online MTTs vs live MTTs.

His recent experience at an 888 tournament in Madrid. His desire to be a better live tournament player.

The outlook on live poker coming back to Vegas. The current plan for casinos reopening. Venetian’s tarnished reputation.

Jamie’s thoughts on how the social aspects of post-COVID live poker might ruin the game for recreational players.

Why live poker is better outside of Vegas in general.

Brad and Andrew Neeme’s MUGs (meet up games), and how playing under those circumstances can affect their game.

Missing the social aspects of meet up games and fun live events like Run It Up Reno.

The challenges of attempting to setup online meet up games, and Brad’s reservations about creating YouTube content from online play. YouTube’s lack of transparency in flagging poker content.

Brad’s Cat Rap videos, and an update on how Crouton’s coping with quarantine. How pets, in general, are benefiting from quarantine. How Marle’s coping with being separated from Chauncey.

Spraggy getting slow rolled by Tonka. Slow rolling as a trolling strategy.

Jamie using the Skinny against Andrew Neeme.

Their mutual love for Run It Up Reno.

His efforts to raise money for card dealers who are out of work during the economic shutdown, and Jamie’s efforts to raise money for gig workers in the poker community through Keep The Lights On charity streams. The sometimes negative public image of the poker community vs their behind-the-scenes efforts to take care of and support each other.

ACR’s celebrity charity tournament.

Their advice for people considering poker as a full-time profession.

How poker fits into his overall income. How having other pursuits can impact your dedication to poker. Being transparent about your failures to help your followers and fans learn.

Marle’s experience with online trolls as a woman in the poker community.

His interest in making a poker movie or show. A discussion of previous poker productions like Rounders, Molly’s Game, and 2 Months 2 Million.

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  1. Richard Alfaro says

    Nice! Stay safe my peeps

  2. Fishcakes says

    OMG Marle hoping you are okay as it appears you are balding…never before noticed your forehead being like that.

  3. Daniel Marx says

    Don't promote playing on Poker Bros. The rake is obnoxious and will destroy the poker ecosystem

  4. Pen San says

    Wanted to give these two a second chance.. ugh.. NPR Poker. So boring .. conversation offers nothing but .. are you online? Are you streaming? Umm ya like umm just like but ahh like and and so ya know ya know when you like

  5. clevertrevorsdad says

    Lovely to see Brad. Such a nice honest warm fella. Marle and Jamie video format works great too, obviously really warm and relaxed lovely ladies too?

  6. Andreas Froehli Poker says

    6:10 Some players enjoy the Sheldon venue, sick to think though who's owning it

  7. Andreas Froehli Poker says

    8:39 Brad telling us all that live poker will never die

  8. Maver1cs says

    Delightful video, keep it up. Poker new normal after lockdown, Temp checks, instant virus tests, bigger tables for full ring (Hourly Fee & Tipping vs Rake) and frequent sanitation, BYO Hand Sanitizer and masks, health cert……

  9. p seed says

    Don't worry Brad, me and my mates always comment on how bad some of your plays are regardless of whether you win or lose! I also think that because the games are so good in the states that you can play what is fundamentally awful plays but you don't get punished for it and you get away with it a lot. Moving up you'd need to change your play. I'm not saying you're playing bad, in fact you're probably playing a really good exploitative style of play which prints at the stake you play at. However, you have to acknowledge that moving up in bigger games you have to start playing more fundamentally sound.

  10. Phoenix CDB says

    0:17 r/sword or sheath material

  11. Iulian Popa says

    I would love to see Richard Gayler here. Never missed an episode, great work!

  12. Fastfunpoker Jamie says

    Great episode! One thing I’ll say is I agree on that being a fraud talk.. poker is one of those things where you have to currently be a crusher for anyone to take your advice. So it seems like poker players cross over to some sort of dark side if they go into the promotional aspect of the game. Esepecially if they sell secrets and make the games harder. It was always the unwritten rule and now it seems like a ton of players sold out and contributed to making the games harder.

  13. Alfred Guevarra says

    Big fan of the show and Brad’s vlog. Thanks for putting out good stuff to watch!

  14. Rob Heims says

    i always looking forward to who you have on and what you have to say.

  15. Rusty Wells says

    Your over thinking it Brad we will watch anything at this point we just want action. You will just gain viewers.

  16. Connor Mcmullen says

    "Hanging around my girlfriends kids"Yikes

  17. LightOn Stillwaters says

    Hi Brad, I watch your channel often. Your humor is key, and your hand reviews are even more critical. Online hands are fine for now. Most viewers enjoy hearing your insights and thought process, so live is not the key.

  18. zaxx19 says

    Chicago is where a lot of tourists live, but the games are markedly harder than Vegas as similar stakes (summer). Florida, LA, ya that's where you really want to live if youre a pro. Is this news? I have known this for around a decade.

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