1. Ujana Emra says

    Actually hes trying to warn us about the illuminati and how his crazy mother in law n kim r trying to make him appear like a crazy person n frnt of the public eye. I get wat Kanye.is saying so he a smart ass and he be telling the truth

  2. Toxophilite says

    Kanye running for president? WOW

  3. Banana says

    People who run for president are supposed to act professional, this shows we can’t have music artists running for president, the pressure on him gets too heavy, he starts to lose his shit and this means he’s clearly not meant to be president

  4. BlaineJohnson2206 says

    Transfer Britney Spears conservatorship over too Kanye west.

  5. Jewels Sparkle says

    And he wants to be the president!!

  6. shadrach says

    It’s so obvious that he’s very troubled.

  7. Gabriel Ruelas says

    Why did they say Dave Chappelle dealt with mental health? He ran away to Africa not because he was crazy or something, it was because of Hollywood. I hate how they portray people

  8. Elias Nukeri says

    This is sad? and funny? at the same time

  9. Papeeshka says

    What a disgrace to his children. All he had to do was take medication and instead he does irreparable harm to his whole family in front of the entire world. I feel really bad for North. I feel bad for anyone trying to handle an unmediated bipolar (schizo?). I have been in that situation and it’s beyond terrifying. Having to explain to others and try to help everyone else who is hurt by these antics while trying to wrangle him in a pandemic with 4 kids and while trying to get her law degree sounds like the worst nightmare. But very predictable. Bipolars in manic state have no empathy for others at all and seem to purposefully sabotage everyone else’s goals around them. Sad we can’t commit someone like this who could likely need suicide watch. The 24/7 security detail and the difficulty keeping staff around him from quitting must be a nightmare.

  10. Lee Warren says

    Look at his eyes change colour at 3:43!!!!

  11. Alexander Rodriguez says

    But women love these kind of guys,,,he is a dangerous guy..

  12. Alexander Rodriguez says

    This relationship is going into the crapper..

  13. Kim Pagasian says

    Sad to hear that ?Karma

  14. Tanessa Anne Mohawk native says

    Dave said it once Dont say someones crazy becuz you dont understand them, maybe the environment they in is a little sick.

  15. Tanessa Anne Mohawk native says

    Freedom of speach is really under attack! And human rights!

  16. Tanessa Anne Mohawk native says

    Why is everyone saying hes crazy or sick for speaking his mind ? Smh

  17. Truth Seeker says

    Kanye needs a lot of physical rest and , spiritual healing, f. ex Reiki and help to become less ego centered, more humble and more spiritual, he would understand a lot about himself from his astrological chart, numerology chart etc , he is suffering at a very deep soul level and is extremely wounded emotionally,, there are many people in the same situation. He probably would not try these avenues to get help because he is Christian but if he gave them a try, his situation would improve for sure.

  18. Ali says

    Medias sure do know how to make things look extremely believable.

  19. Marie says

    Kanye if you are truly converted and have the holy spirit you can beat any demonic force and be a overcomer as a child of God through Jesus Christ.Only believe and the rest is history.

  20. Dani Rae says

    Stop blaming the Kardashians. Trust me I can not stand any of them so I'm definitely not one to defend them, especially Kim. He's admitted many times in public that he battles mental illness. No he's not "crazy". He's sick. Other people are not to blame for someone's mental illness. Yes stress is a trigger but he's Kanye West. He's an extremely public figure and stress comes with the package. He needs help not people saying he's ok for their own political agenda. Unfortunately there is nothing Kim or anyone in his life can do except be there for him when he does crash, which he eventually will because it's part of the disease. Again I don't like Kanye either but I have compassion for him cause I understand mental illness and how it can take over your entire life. Just send him prayers and hope for the best. All the judgement and blame does nothing to help him.

  21. Patricia I. says

    Leave him alone. He escaped the man eaters.

  22. mike monroe says

    If you're emotional about your child oh it's a mental breakdown seriously our random tweet stuff are you serious, people don't realize the real sick people is you the msm!!!!

  23. mike monroe says

    You the media are biggest problem your a bunch of vipers, leave the man alone you just want to destroy him that is your pure intention, your what is biggest enemy to people and real news!!!!

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